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Re: Are we too old for Harry Potter?

Originally Posted by The Keeper View Post
I was part of the Harry Potter Generation. The kids that grew up with Harry and his friends, as the books were released. I'm now almost thirty and I will always cherish that feeling of anticipation and excitement I experienced lining up and collecting each new book as it was published. I will be re-reading these books until the day I die. I can guarantee that. No one is ever too old to have that kind of magic in their life. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

I am much older than you Sir. I strongly concur with your quote! I have a sense of adventure when I read the books or watch the movies. I am still searching for a copy of the movies the tv stations show with all the extra parts put back into regular rotation. I have the extended version of SS and COS I do own, but the others I have not found.


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