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Re: A Thousand Years


"And the tears come streaming down your face. When you lose something you can't replace. When you love someone but it goes to waste. Could it be worse? " - Fix You: ColdPlay

Chapter Five
Fix You


Ring. Ring. Ring.

I jump out of bed knowing exactly what that sound is, and if Neville gets to it before I do, then my chances with ever talking to Draco are next to zero. I don't even care about the fact that I'm still in nothing but an over-sized t-shirt and underwear. I need to get to the phone before he does.

The phone rings twice more before I am able to answer it at last. To my surprise, Neville didn't even bother to come out and answer it. Maybe he's still sulking about our little tiff from last night? Oh well, I stopped feeling guilty about the whole situation as soon as I fell asleep. There are bigger things to worry about, like my memory for instance.

"Hullo?" I answer, picking up the receiver like a seasoned professional now. The voice on the other end was not Draco however. It wasn't even that awful woman that answered before. It was just some young woman who sounded vaguely familiar but I couldn't put my finger on exactly how I knew her voice.

"Hello! Is Neville there this morning?" the woman asked cheerfully. I scowled and pulled the receiver away from my face.

"You have the wrong number. Bye!" I shout to the device and then slam it onto the little box it lays on. Before leaving it, I decide to pick it back up and dial the number that I know is Draco's. If he answers now, then everything will be OK. He will answer all of my questions, I can go back to him, and I won't have to worry about upsetting Neville again. Neville wouldn't have to worry about me being such a burden anymore. I don't know why he doesn't just call Draco up himself and ask him to come and pick me up. It would make his life much easier now that he's admitted to hating me.

The phone rings four times and I count each one silently before a familiar male voice answers on the other end of the phone. My heart flips and I feel my lips curl into a smile.

"Draco speaking," he says into the receiver and, for only a moment, I can't say anything. "Is anyone there?"

“Draco?” I managed to make my voice squeak. Why am I so weak around him? There is a sigh on his end as he recognises my voice.

“Do you need something, Pansy?” He asked and I could actually hear the irritation in his voice. Did I do something wrong? “I don’t have much time.”

“I was wondering if you could come down and see me today,” I blurt. “You know, so maybe I can regain some of my memory and we can see one another.”

Draco didn’t answer right away. In fact, there was such a dead silence on his end that I thought he had hung up.

“Are you still there?” I ask, my voice feeble and I curse myself for not standing up for myself.

“Pansy, I can’t come up right now. I’ve told you that. So please, could you stop calling me? I need to get back to work.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I say, and I can already feel the tears well up in my eyes. “Maybe later then”

Another sigh on his end tells me he is frustrated and I nearly change my mind right before he answers.

“Maybe later.” He agrees.

I hang up the phone gently so I don’t wake Neville. Not that I particularly care about being concerned for his sleeping schedule, I just don’t want to draw attention to myself. My nose begins to lightly run like it always does when I cry and my tears are now freely flowing from my brown eyes down my cheeks. At least I can be sure of one thing: Draco hasn’t changed much. Why is it then do I allow myself to love him?

Immediately I take that thought back and can’t help but feel incredibly guilty fore ever letting the thought cross my mind. What would seventeen year old Pansy say? What would Draco say whenever he returns and asks me what I thought about while he was gone? I could always choose not to tell him, but then I would be lying to him. I don’t ever think I’ve lied to Draco the entire time I’ve known him.

A door opens and I turn to face the opposite direction and wipe away my tears. What I wouldn’t do now for a wand to freshen up. I almost got away with the wand Hermione issued me at work yesterday, but security at the front desk realised my honest blunder and took it back. Now I have a warning and am to report directly to a guard every time I come and go from work.

Neville yawned and thudded his way to the kitchen. It was obvious he was still tired because his hair was a mess, he was in pale blue knickers, a white top, and two grimy looking socks. In an odd way, it was sort of adorable.

Whoa. That’s a strange thought. Then again, so is thinking that Draco doesn’t love me anymore. I’m full of curious little thoughts today.

“Were you just on the phone” Neville asked, his voice rather groggy and unclear.

“Yeah. Some woman called and said she wanted to talk to you. I said you were asleep,” I reply quickly. I may as well tell him about the initial phone call. He can explain to her later about how she didn’t actually call the wrong number and then we can have a right good row about it later.

“Did she say what for?” he asked, waking up a little more and pouring himself a bowl of cereal.

“I don’t think she had the time to really,” I reply with a slight smile and join him. I think our fight from last night can be considered forgotten because he’s actually talking to me and neither of us have bothered to mention it to one another. Helping myself to a bowl of cereal I notice as he rubs his stubbly chin with one hand and scratch his chest with the other.

“You should probably shave.”

“I should probably shave.”

We both say it at the same time and we both have different reactions to the phrase. I turn red and stare at the soggy contents of my bowl and he looks right at me and smiles as though I’ve just had a breakthrough on who I am. I must admit, the familiarity of his gesture sparked something within me, but nothing strong enough to actually know what it meant.

“So, uh,” he begins and I can tell he is soaking up just how awkward I feel, “I was wondering if you’d like to take the day off and join me on a trip to Hogsmeade”

Some days I wonder if Neville is just plain crazy. Does he really want me to take a day off of work I only just started gain yesterday for bloody sake! I can imagine how infuriated Rebecca would be now. The sight is actually quite humorous and I don’t catch myself in time to stifle my laugh.

“I’ll take that as a yes then? I’ll just phone Hermione and let her know.” I’m going to have to get used to this “phone” expression. Though, I must admit, it is much faster than owl. While he does that, I go to my room and change. I had an outfit picked out just in case Draco accepted my offer, but there is no point in wasting it.

Twenty minutes later I was dressed and had my black hair curled around my face. These things take time when you don’t have a wand. Fortunately enough, I had used a curling iron before. It took a while to remember exactly how the second year Muggle Studies class went, but it’s not the hardest task I’ve done since waking up. Neville is knocking at my door, but I’ve had no time to put my makeup on. Of course I don’t want this to look like a date, but I planned to be pretty today and I’ll be damned if I’m not.

“Hermione said it was alright. She wants to see you bright and early tomorrow though. Are you ready?” Neville asked the last bit a little impatiently. I smacked my freshly clear-coated, glossed lips, winked a the beautiful reflection in the mirror, and then opened my bedroom door.

“Now I am,” I say, but I also can’t help but notice how off guard Neville seems. I smirk and take in his appearance. Even though [i]I[i] don’t have any other intentions for this outing, I can’t help but think that Neville does. Oh dear, I’ll have to have a very awkward conversation with Draco about this later.

“You look great!” Neville said, his voice a little too surprised for my comfort. I know I put a little extra effort in dressing up today, but I [i]always[i] look “great”. Though beautiful, gorgeous, or amazing are my words of preference.

“Thanks. You don’t look too bad yourself.” I say truthfully. Besides the fact that we’re both wearing matching red shirts, he actually looks nice. Though, I must admit, the colour suits me much better. And he was a Gryffindor!

Neville wore khaki trousers and brown dress shoes with his red polo and he managed to swipe his hair over to the side in a comb-over. Honestly, I don’t remember him being this attractive during school. Maybe, if I would have met him before Draco, and if I would have thought he would grow up to look anything like this, I would have begged the Sorting Hat to put me in Gryffindor instead. Forget my whole family of Slytherins. Neville God Damn Longbottom can even make the golden watch on his right wrist look attractive.

Did I honestly just think that?


I need to see Draco. Now.

I, on the other hand, really outdid it with the red. My shirt was loosely fit and it cut off at the sleeves just past my shoulders. The neckline gave it an almost pinched look and the top had three pleats. I also wore a red headband that shines in the light and red flats that have the same effect. As for my legs, they’re clad in black skinnies that match my hair almost perfectly. With my pale skin, these colours look fabulous on me.

“Are you ready to head out then?” He asks with a sheepish smile. I feel like I should set the record straight right away that this isn’t a date, but he’s flattering me too much at the moment that I wouldn’t dream of it. I nod and bat my freshly black painted eyes at him. I may as well have some fun in this, right He grabs a couple jackets, hands me one, and then grabs hold of my arm.

“You mean we’re actually going to apparate?” I ask, catching on to the familiar behavior for side along apparition.

“Would you rather drive to Hogsmeade? I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible or not, but it could be worth the try,” he teased. I rolled my eyes and he pulled out his wand. “You might want to put your jacket on before we leave.” Instead of arguing about the fact that it’s June, I do as he asks and he takes the time to do the same while I’m preoccupied. Then he takes hold of my arm once more and before I know it, we’re standing smack dab in the front of the Hogsmeade gates. I don’t have much time to register just how dizzy and sick I feel now because Neville drags me quickly behind him after the sound of thunder rolls in the distances. Jackets make a lot of sense when it’s raining out.

Lets go to the Three Broomsticks for a bit!” Neville shouts past the pouring rain. I pull my hood over my head and laugh. Surprisingly enough, I’m not all that upset about my curls falling flat. I love the rain. We run inside The Three Broomsticks and don’t mind the shrunken heads as we stamp in. Neville, whose laughter is purely infectious, pulls his wand out once more and taps the both of us to dry.

“I don’t’ think you had this exactly planned out.” I laugh, taking a seat in a booth that I remember sitting in with Draco many a time before when we were young.

“Didn’t I?” Neville ask with a raised eyebrow. I can tell he’s being playful, but I can’t help but wonder what he means. “Pansy, you love the rain. You practically only prefer to go outside when it’s raining!” I blush and look down at my fumbling hands. I use the excuse that we were once best friends for the reason he knows this, but I can’t help but smile at the fact he remembers.

“What can I get the two of yah?” A rather round and older woman comes to take our order, but it’s obvious she thinks she is much younger than what must be her fifty year old self.

“Are you hungry, Pan-Pansy?” Neville asks, stumbling over my name for some unexplainable reason. I nod my head and he orders for the both of us. The woman didn’t bother to jot down the order. She just nodded and strolled to the back. I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to remember considering there are only six other people here. Four of which are pairs.

“Alright, so I believe you,” I say once granny leaves.

“What do you mean?” Neville asks, that stupid smile of his still sprawled across his face. It’s hard to believe we had such a big fight only yesterday.

“I believe that we must have been friends at some point.” I further elaborate. “How else would you know how much I love the rain and salmon?” The fish, of course, is referring to the lunch he just ordered.

Neville smiles smugly as our tea is served by Bathilda Bagshot herself. When she’s done pouring the kettle he instructs her to leave the kettle.

“So you doubted me, eh?” He asks cheekily.

“Well, after you claim to hate someone, it’s sort of hard to believe otherwise,” I say, not really thinking before I speak. Classic Pansy. The smile Neville sported moments ago now fell flat and we turned to an awkward silence.

“I didn’t mean that,” he says. “I was just angry.” He looks guilty and I can tell he regrets having said it. Though, I’m pretty sure he only had regrets toward saying it out loud. I’m Pansy Bloody Parkinson, everyone hates, or hated, me. It’s what I strived for. However, Neville not hating me makes me feel a little better.

“So, what are today’s plans?” I ask, sipping on my tea and looking around at everyone else in the pub. To my recollection, I’ve never been her outside of being at Hogwarts. Seeing it so dull is sort of depressing.

“Well,” Neville starts, leaning back as the old hag drops off a complementary basket of pretzels, “I thought I’d let you decide.”

“You’re food will be ready in just a moment, dears,” she says before disappearing behind the bar again.

“What do you mean?” I ask, already munching away on a pretzel stick.

“well, whenever we used to go to Hogsmeade together, you’d always go in the shops in a sort of order. It was more out of habit than anything, but I thought it would help with your memory a bit.”

“So this is a test?” My voice doesn’t give away just how excited I am. This could be my chance to prove that I know who I am! Well, a very small part of me anyway. I’m sure that even if I did have my full memory something as trivial as what order I shop in would matter, but right now it’s the only thing he’s giving me.

Our salmon comes out and looks positively delicious. I don’t know how I managed it, but I gave a quick “Thanks,” to Neville before digging in.

The fish wasn’t as good as it looked, but I suppose it would suffice. I’d rather not be rude since he is being so nice and all.

What the bloody hell did I just say? I’d rather not be rude? Is this twenty-seven year old Pansy kicking in? If so, no wonder I wanted to change! Twenty-seven year old me needs to get my arse in gear and stand up for herself like the seventeen year old me taught her!

“It’s a bit dry,” I say offhandedly, just so he’d know I thought he did a terrible job at picking our lunch without being so blatantly obvious. However, Neville just smiles to himself contently as though I’ve said the most adorable thing in the world and then shovels into his own salmon.

The rest of the lunch is sat in silence considering I’ve decided I’m being too nice and no longer know what to do or say. When we finish, the woman old enough to be Dumbledore’s mother comes to take our plates.

“So how was everything? Was the fish to your liking this time, Miss Parkinson?” asked the waitress. What an odd question. This time? Oh right. Neville has brought me here to see if it helps me to remember anything. That would explain why he’s looking at me so expectantly. What would I normally say? No one well when I’m snarky and mean, so I doubt that’s the route to take. Uhg, what sort of person have I become?

“It was a little dry,” I repeat, trying my best to not sound rude. I look to Neville to see if I’ve done a good job, but he’s already resigned himself from the conversation. By the look of the waitress, who I’ve decided looks like a much older Umbridge, I’ve said the wrong thing.

“It’s already, dearest. Maybe next time,” she says with a weak smile and then takes our dishes. When she left the two of us alone I immediately turned on Neville.

“Does she know?” I hiss at him, ignoring the fact he is trying to get us to leave.

“Know what?” He asks, absolutely clueless. I shoot him one of my best glares and he realises what I mean. “Oh, about the memory thing. Well, it wasn’t exactly a quiet affair, Pansy. I tried to keep it out of the Prophet, but certain information leaked out.”

As much as I would like to lash out at him for allowing such things to happen, I suppose it isn’t really his fault.

“So where to next?” He asks, putting my jacket on me as we readied ourselves to go back outside in the still pouring rain.

Where would twenty-seven year old Pansy go next? I’m obviously too old (not to mention lady-like) for practical jokes, so Zonko’s is out of the question. We’ve also just eaten, so I doubt Puddifoots would be next on my list.

“Cloaks and Things?” I ask, referring to the knick-knack store I loved from years ago.

“Cloaks and Things? Oh, you mean Hokey’s Potions? Cloaks and Things went out of business a few years after we graduated.”

I frowned. I really liked Cloaks and Things. I did a majority of my holiday shopping there. I got Draco a House Founders chess set from there in our sixth year. It cost eight Galleons, but nothing was too good for my Draco back then.

“The post office?” I ask dumbly. There’s no way I’m going to know the normal route today.

“Well, we sometimes go there. Do you have any post?” He asked with one eyebrow up. I shake my head and slump my shoulders. I’m becoming more and more convinced that this trip was made just to depress me further.

“Can’t you just give me a hint?” I ask, though I make sure not to beg. Neville, as expected, looked at me with his big brown eyes and I knew that he wasn’t going to allow me to know anything that didn’t come to mind. Aren’t there things against this? When one loses their memory, normally everyone is bombarding them with information. Of course, most of the time the patient doesn’t like it, but I’m not like that. I want to know everything! If someone tells me that I was some poor stripper, I’d take that over knowing nothing. Though, I am quite glad that I work for the Ministry.

We head outside and I decide to momentarily forget about his lack of answers when the rain falls down on me once again. I really do love the rain. When I was little, my mother would allow me to go outside and play in it, though my father normally called me back inside after a few short minutes so I wouldn’t catch a cold. One time I did get really sick, when I was about seven or eight, and I had to stay inside for almost two weeks straight. My mum cried a lot during that time, and even my dad showed a bit of worry. Why is it I can remember that so easily when it happened years and years ago, but just trying to remember something as small as a little over a month ago is impossible? Life is unfair sometimes.

“Extremely sorry! Didn’t mean to run into yah there!” A voice, not quite as deep as Neville’s, went off once the owner of it ran straight into Neville. I suppose he was just trying to get out of the rain, but he should still watch where he’s going.

“Seamus! What are you doing here?” Neville boomed, not even slightly annoyed. I can’t really see the face of this Seamus guy too well since we’ve stopped in the middle of the downpour and the rain concealed most of his face. The name sounds familiar though. Then again, I know of a couple people named Seamus. My Uncle Seamus for one. Though I reckon he died at the Battle of Hogwarts too since he was dad’s brother and Neville has reassured me several times that I have no family left.

“Alright, Neville? I haven’t seen you in what? Two, maybe three years? Good to see yah, mate! I work here with my wife at a shop just down the road a bit. Business is good. Is that Pansy there?” The man named Seamus’ blurry figure was now standing in front of me, trying to get a better look by getting really close to my face. I backed away and looked at Neville for a bit of help. Then again, he probably can’t see my face either.

“Yeah, Pansy is with me. We’re here to get a few errands done. We were just on our way to Hokey’s Potions. I need some things for the plants at home.” Neville answered, completely dodging the fact that we were here for more than just that. Does Seamus not know?

“The plants! That’s right! Are you excited for the new term this year? My wife’s eldest will be a first year this year. I bet she’ll like Herbology. She’s always going around and planting the strangest seeds.” Seamus’ conversation was innocent, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was just betrayed. Neville was the Herbology professor at Hogwarts?

“You didn’t tell me you worked at Hogwarts! I thought you worked at a shop in Diagon Alley!” I snap, looking at him incredulously. I’m a firm believer that looks can kill, but I choose to believe that the rain is blocking my vision and saving his life. There was a squishing sound below as Neville shifted from side to side in the mud and I could tell he was uncomfortable.

“Well, Pan, I work there over the summers when I’m not at work for the year at Hogwarts.” Neville sounded just as ashamed as I wanted him to. How could he keep things like this from me? Perhaps it isn’t pivotal information for me exactly, but I live with the man! Shouldn’t he tell me these things so I can trust him? And what’s with this “Pan” business? I hope this new nickname of his doesn’t stick. I can’t stand it.

“Come on, Pansy! What are yah yelling at him for? You above all people would know that he works at Hogwarts! Why are you being so mean, eh?” Seamus said, and I could almost hear the smile in his voice. Of course he doesn’t know about what happened. Maybe he’s just the person I need to inform me of what’s going on. If he and Neville have kept in decent contact, never mind the two or three years they haven’t seen one another, maybe he could tell me everything I need to know. Everyone else seems to be dodging my questions these days anyway.

“Seamus, we have to get going. I would hate for any of us to catch a cold in this weather. How about we have a drink sometime later this week? I’ll fill you in on life and you can tell me about the Misses.” Neville said, making a grab for my arm but I jerk away.

“Why don’t we fill him in now, Professor.” I say rather childishly. “Tell him how I Obliviated myself and managed to lose the last ten years of my life and how you, and nobody else, will fill me in on what I’m missing!” Perhaps this is a lot of information for Seamus to take in at once, but I don’t care. It’s the bloody Wizarding World, he’s heard of and seen much worse.

The rain calms down just a bit and I can now get a full view of Seamus and Neville’s faces. We’re all soaking wet, and all three of us have a different facial expression. Mine is obviously highly annoyed, Neville’s is a mixture of shame and hurt, and Seamus looks incredibly shocked.

“Maybe I should go. I’ll see you for that drink then, yeah?” Seamus is the first to speak after a full solid minute of silent awkwardness. Neville nods his head but I butt in.

“How about you and I have a drink right now, Seamus?” I ask, though perhaps he would have taken my offer if the words didn’t sound like pure venom coming out of my mouth. “You can fill me in on life and leave out this Misses.”

Seamus looked to Neville first, saw the pleading look in his eyes, and then looked apologetically back to me.

“I’m sorry, Pansy. I must be going. Susan will have my arse if I don’t get back to the shop soon. See you around!” He hurries and then runs off in the opposite direction he was initially heading to. This is just sodding perfect. Even he won’t fill me in. What does a girl have to do to get some answers around here?

Shooting Neville with another one of my excellent glares, he gets the picture and then grabs hold of my arm again so we can apparate out of there. When we appear in his incredibly boring flat, I pull away from him and fall promptly onto the couch out of dizziness.

“Bloody hell, Pan. What was that all about? Do you care to embarrass me further?” Neville didn’t seem as angry as he normally does when I do something to make him mad, but he sounds rather tired. I don’t feel guilty even slightly. Actually, I’m rather upset.

“What do you think it was about, Neville? I want answers! I want them now! I’m tired of waiting around here and playing the good little girl when I have no idea who I am!” I shout, not bothering to get up off of the couch. “How can I remember anything when I have absolutely no leads? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say? Neville, I swear to God that if you don’t start answering me soon, I’ll go straight to Dr. Nesson and volunteer to stay with him for the remainder of the time it takes me to remember everything!”

The threat seems to have worked because now Neville looks shocked and torn between what to do now. Honestly, if that’s all I had to say to get my way, I would have agreed with Dr. Nesson when he offered the option on day one.

Neville ran a hand through his hair, glanced quickly at the clock behind me, and then sat down on the couch a cushion away from me. He clasped his hands together and then looked to the floorboards as if they held the answers to all of my questions.

“Alright, where do you want me to start?” he asks, not bothering to look up. My heart skips a beat. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my answers, but here he is, willing to answer every one of my questions! It’s about time! I think about the last thing I remember and decide that would be a good place to start.

“From the beginning. And don’t leave anything out.” I say, though a smug smile now takes place on my lips as I sit back comfortably to enjoy the revealing of my past.

“From that moment in seventh year?” He asks, finally looking up with me and I can see just how much hurt is in his eyes. Why is he so bothered with this? What could possibly be hurting him that doesn't hurt me more? Needless to say, the smile was wiped quickly off my face. I nod my head and he sighs. “Alright. Just- Just don’t get mad, OK? I’m going to tell you everything I think you need to know right now. The rest will have to be up to you.” I nod my head once more, even though I don’t agree with him. If there are any obvious gaps in time, I’ll be sure to force the missing answers out of him. He can’t seem to resist me after all.

“Tell me everything I need to know.” I say, and then he begins.


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