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Re: What would you change about the films?

This has probably already been said but my biggest gripe witht the movies and what I would change is the lack of information in movies after the first 2, espeacially in the endings . I didnt start reading the books until after I saw POA and that was because my brother was trying to explain things that were not explained in the movie. I think coming out of PS and COS you know everything you need to know but when you get to POA there is a lot of stuff you dont like who are the marauders which leads to more info about the map, snape and so on. Although the movie is a bit of a fan favourite it one of my least liked of the series I would of much preferred less shots of the whomping willow and more info, saying that I still watch it from time to time as I love Harry and Lupins time together.

Onto GOF which I think does a reasonable job of conveying most of the info but still misses some parts which set up the rest of the series, there was some info left out of the graveyard scene but I felt it was still ok but the part with barty jr and dumbledore as well as the hospital wing with sirius and snape and sending hagrid off on his mission which I love from the book were omitted.

OOTP not much to say here as they did a good job considering it may have been the hardest to make with the size of the book, BUT THE ENDING!!!!! The amounts of times that I have read the ending of that book with Harry and Dumbledore in his office getting "everthing" explained and Harry's emotions exploding with Sirius's death to then the movie just have nothing, I couldn't believe it. Also mention of the Patronuses to set up for snapes in DH2 would have ben nice.

HBP it was always going to be hard with going back looking at the memories with pacing and everything but would it really have hurt to show the gaunts memory to show where Voldemort came from??? Also the part at the end with Harry calling Snape a coward and his resonse to that was great in the book but left out and then their is the funeral no show which I think could have really been an emotional scene for everyone and set the tone and consequences of what had happened and what was needed after.

DH1 I dont have much to say here overall I think it did what it needed to do but i really think they needed to have wormtail die and explain in a bit more detail about how ron got back and as I noted above include info about patronuses, and maybe some more relisations about the hallows like harry owning the cloak and son on to set up for part 2.

DH2 they were always going to make it epic which in my book was fine but they needed to have a bit more dialogue with Dumbledore in Kings Cross as well as more dialogue with Voldemort at the end in the duel, as much as I like how the final duel in the book is in the great hall with everyone watching that didnt bother me as much as not having all the back and forth between Harry and Voldemort. I also really with they had Harry fix his wand at the end, I dont care that he broke the elder wand but he could have fixed his first, it speaks to his character.

There we go apologise if this has been said before but I felt like expressing my opinion on the topic.

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