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Re: Why was Voldemort's true identity as Tom Riddle not common knowledge?

Originally Posted by gradstudent08 View Post
But what bothers me about those theories is that in OotP, the DE's didn't believe that Voldemort was a half-blood. I think he has kept his blood status very closely hidden. You would still think that the original DE's, the ones he met in school, would know. Who knew about Tom Riddle in school and why none of them have made the connection is a mystery to me. It doesn't seem like a wizard with the impressive abilities he had would just drop off the face of the earth and no one would wonder what happened to him.
he'd have lied to them. He suspected by the time he started that he was half-blood, and I'm sure one of the first Slytherins he met, probably one of the first he recruited, would have had something nasty to say about Muggles. Young Tom would not have wanted to reveal anything about his suspicions then. He would have lied, saying that he was an orphan, never knew who his parents were, and the orphanage gave him the surname Riddle because his true surname was a mystery.

All anyone would have to know was that he was an orphan stuck in a small Muggle village with no family. But he had greatmagic, so everyone would assume his blood was pure.

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