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Originally posted by Neila Weiss (original post)
Nevertheless, I think another reason Dumblebore might trust Snape might have to do with Snape's life debt to James. When Harry saved Peter in PoA, Dumbledore said that such an act creates a bond between the two wizards, enforced by a magic more powerful than Harry could ever imagine. Therefore, even though James is dead, who's to say that that debt didn't carry over to Harry? I'm not really familiar with the logistics of wizarding debts, but hey, you never know.
I believe Snape does owe James and now Harry a life debt, but if Snape is a traitor then that would be all the more reason to try and repay that life debt before Ol' Cold, White n' Pastey came back into power. That's why Snape tried to save him as early as possible, back in Harry's first year. Once he got it out of the way, he could go back to being a spy for Voldie without the guilt of the Life Debt over his head. Now, he might be forced to save Harry's life from his master, the Dark Lord. What a conundrum that would be... :P

I really do believe that after the events of book 5, and what JKR has said in the webcast that Snape is a double agent. We're just being lead to believe he's a good guy. *really bummed*

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