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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by purplehawk View Post
Take heart. Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor.
I think the issue is that Peter Pettigrew is one bad seed. It seems like Slytherin is chock-full of 'em.
Originally Posted by Revaunch
Values can be corrupted to fit any ideology. Fair Play only for Wizards. Inclusiveness in your own race. There are many instances of government excluding people in the name of fair play and inclusiveness, imho.
Good points. And, to me, it fits with Umbridge's character that she wouldn't be in a house that displays her true colors. She always seemed to be cunning to the point of not letting anyone in on her main goals: after all, she worked her way up the ladder in Fudge's Ministry while harboring a Muggle-born Registration Commission mindset the whole time. So while she definitely values and embodies many of the same traits as Slytherin, I expected her to choose/value a house that would throw folks off the scent. Perhaps she was too young at the time of Sorting, though, to closely hold that sort of deceptiveness.


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