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Re: Rate / Review the Last Film you've seen v.3

The Girl who played with Fire -- 6/10

It was an ok film, but I had expected better from the overall plot and script itself. Rather disappointing there. There were quite a few plot holes in the film itself (in terms of how certain characters got out of certain situations and stuff).

Spoiler: show
When Lisbeth got buried alive -- they failed to show how she was able to survive it and come out ok...

As for the dubbing, it was ok -- rather stilted at points -- but I was used to it, since the first film had this problem at times too. The only real thing that ticked me off was the fact that they seemed to be dumbing things down for the US audience in terms of what was going on and stuff. Both my mom and I noticed this as the plot went along.

It didn't seem as well put together as the first film was and it was rather disappointing there.

This and the somewhat weak plot and script are the main reasons why this movie gets such a low score from me.

As for the acting, I'd give the actors about an 8/10. They did a good job getting into character and did a better job than the writers and stuff this time around.


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