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Re: Nagini: Character Analysis

1. Did the bit of Voldemort's soul in Nagini make her more human? We've seen that she was able to impersonate a human being - could an ordinary snake have done that even to a parselmouth?
Maybe. Don't think so. Maybe he was able to control her in some way, other than using parselmouth.

2. Nagini was Voldemort's pet prior to becoming a horcrux. Do you think she was fond of him? Did she do his bidding willingly?
She might have. Or she might have not. We don't know if she was, since we don't know what she really thought of him. Only Voldemort really knows what she really thought of him, since he could hear what she was saying, via parselmouth.

3. We've seen Nagini have a conscious thought process when she tells herself to hold Harry in Godric's Hollow. Is this the result of being a horcrux?
Could very well be.

4. Is Nagini ultimately evil? Ultimately innocent? What standards can we hold her to?
Good question. I think she's evil in the sense that she went and did what she did over the years in terms of killing people. But if she was being controlled the whole time by Voldemort, then it's kind of a gray area there. She wouldn't be innnocent per say, but she wouldn't be wholly guilty either.


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