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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

Originally Posted by flimseycauldron View Post
I think this is a massive overstatement. Voldemort had horcruxes. He was always going to come back. It was just a matter of when.
Dumbledore preferred to delay the "when" as much as possible. I don't blame Dumbledore for his reaction and I think he would have reacted much the same way as Harry. He would have spared Peter's life even if he had heard the prophecy first-hand. My point was about Dumbledore not giving much importance to prophecies. He had a "what will happen will happen" philosophy towards it and didn't go out of the way to accomodate it in his plans.

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
That's IMO no reason not to try. There are always going to be people who beat the system. But that does not mean one does away with the system or stops enforcing it. Severus Snape was at that time all of 20 years give or take a few months. I think Dumbeldore had the edge on him.
Voldemort was sending Snape with the intention to spy on Dumbledore so I imagine his skills were already on-par or better than Dumbledore. He was certainly already better than Voldemort himself at the time.

I think Dumbledore questioned Snape and found no red flags. This is Dumbledore who likely has a lot of experience and makes a routine habit of knowing when he is being lied to. He would have believed, just like you, that he was much better skilled than some 20 year old.

I agree. My point is that in cases like this, it's better to err on the side of caution than anything else. Of course I think Snape was sent off with what he heard, with Dumbledore's blessing as it were.
Perhaps he should have been more suspicious though it really wouldn't have mattered. Snape would have passed those tests anyway. Now that I think of it, Dumbledore best option should probably have been to wipe Snape's memory. Either Snape was innocent and remains ignorant or he has his mind fried by Voldemort. Voldemort would still learn of the prophecy but Snape would be dead. We could say that it was justice served for him being a death eater in the first place.

Sure it's a voluntary organisation and I also agree that members knew the risks they were taking when they signed up. But that does not mean incompetence could do them in. I don't think any Order memebr signed up for that. Dumbledore sending Snape away merely on his word in the middle of a war would come under negligence whichever way I look at it, unless he had a plan for doing so.
I don't think Dumbledore sent him away just on his word. I think Snape would have passed Dumbledore's smell test.

The only reliable way for Dumbledore to keep the prophecy from Voldemort was to detain Snape. Detain Snape when he had no proof whatsoever of his involvement with Voldemort. This is the sort of stuff that happens in our world: People being detained indefinitely with no proof for something circumstantial. This is something I strongly disagree with so I don't hold it against Dumbledore and I don't think members of the Order would either.

Assuming what you say is true and Snape was good enough an Occlumens, I think this should make Dumbledore more suspicious than satisfied all was well and that Snape could go on his way. An Occlumens at 20, who was caught eavesdropping IMO should never be believed.
But Dumbledore wouldn't know he was being fooled. Snape would never have succeeded as a spy if Dumbledore and Voldemort could easily figure out that he was employing Occlumency against them.

I think Dumbledore thought he could protect the family and while Voldemort was concentrating on somehow trying to get at that family, the WW could get a breather, while Dumbledore tried his best to defeat Voldemort. Just like when he created time for the Trio to search horcruxes, when Voldemort was occupied with the search for the Elder Wand.
Except Voldemort hunting the EW made no difference at all. He had his people murdering and terrorizing and he was able to return instantly when neccessary. Voldemort always delegated his tasks to his death eaters and only showed up for the important events. I suspect the same happened during the first war. You were far more likely to run into death eaters and if you were important enough, Voldemort would be alerted and he would show up immediately.

The Potters could have chosen anyone, I think the way they went about it ensured there was a greater chance they would not survive.
If Dumbledore was following your plan, then I think Potters made the right decision to pick someone else other than Dumbledore. If Dumbledore was willing to use a child as bait for Voldemort, he would also be willing to sacrifice that child if he felt it was necessary.

I'm a huge fan of Dumbledore but knowing what I know of him, I would not trust him to keep someone I love safe. I don't blame Dumbledore for this. His job was to get rid of Voldemort even if it meant suffering some personnel losses. I'd definitely have him in charge but I see his goal of beating Voldemort and keeping someone safe as a potential conflict of interest.

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