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Originally Posted by cleansweep11
He'sdead-Didn't it say that the dementors flew/floated away.......?
Yes. I don't have the quote with me, but that sounds like what it was. And think about it. When dementors leave somewhere, they stay on the ground - notice in PoA how the demetors walked/glided back to their posts. Either way - they cannot fly, normally. That is why when they go into the air in OotP, they may just be floating away into nothingness - normally they cannot float away and stay dementors.

I'm not sure if this is how dementors work, I'm just throwing it out there. Whatever the case, demetors do not have a normal life cycle. They almost certainly do not have parents. Maybe they can form and "un-form" and re-form, but they do not live and die like humans do.

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