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Re: Hunger games (2012)

Originally Posted by theboywholived8 View Post
She's cute enough...'cept her eyebrows.
I love them, they are very un-Captiol-ish. It made me think of book Katniss and all the body hair they removed from her.

I've looked at the links and can't seem to find how old she is. In some pictures she looks 15 in other more like 12 or even 9. At least she's another unknown. I like that about the casting so far.

Originally Posted by phoenix88 View Post
I completely agree. She just doesn't have that innocent look. She is supposedly to look just like Rue except for skin color, and I just don't get that same impression from this picture.
I agree. She has wise eyes, I expected more innocent like Rue's eyes.

is totally awesome!

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