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Am I the only who loves Harry too much to see him die? Poor little boy, I've been crossing my fingers since the first book just for the "boy who lived" to live!
So the best ending for me will be very simple in it's basis, Harry lives.
About Voldemort, if he lives then the whole thing it's useless (and Harry would die) but I don't know. I'm sure JK has a great ending, very surprising probably... my signature has what I thought one day (watching the first movie you know when he goes all cutely "I can't be a wizard, I'm just Harry...just Harry) could be the last sentence... people have commented on it before, but honestly I would have a heart attack if it has to something with "When he woke up he couldn't beleive it was just a dream... but he still had his scar". And that wouldn't be very original, still Harry would be alive and I would be thankful deeply. I would also sue someone if in the last book there's no closure, wich thankfully is not very probable since JK has said she wants to tie everything in a big nice knot... I hope that means not to leave us wondering our heads off and becoming mad.

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