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Personally, my best ending would be Harry and Voldy killing one another after a long and gruesome war, leaving the survivors to rebuild a shattered world. Most of the OotP and DEs dead, several Hogwarts staff members dead, quite a few students (including Ron or Herminone) dead. Bellatrix, Snape and Draco would all survive because I like them, but I'm honestly not holding out hope for Bella. Sure, it's depressing and angsty, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that...

Alternatively, Harry survives, becomes DADA teacher, and is killed on the 37th day of his first term by a rogue niffler, thus proving once and for all that the Defense Against the Dark Arts post is cursed beyond any hope of circumvention and forcing the abandonment of the subject as part of the offical curriculum.

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