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Re: Fan Scripts: Remake Harry Potter

Originally Posted by ginnypotter19 View Post
The main problem I see with most of these scripts is that you are trying to add everything from the book, and if it isn't exactly from the book, it is a slight change. Half the reason why these things weren't in the movies were because they are so incredibly boring. One scene I would like to see added, however, is the Dursleys in GoF.

This looks like a lot of fun, so be expecting to see me in a day or two with my DH script.
Yes, it's another "your added everthing"/"Cut more" post. If you are talking about my previous post, I AM going to cut, but not today. While writing it, I sensed what to cut, what to move, etc. What I have cut is veiwable here (Post 12), here (13), here (23), here (25), here (29) and here (40), but it will need to be cut more once the script is fully written. (I myself am scared of the page count).

GoF is a script I can't wait to do. That movie is awful now I've seen it 1,000,000 times.

Can't wait to see your script!

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