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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul

Bellatrix just stood there in shock.
“I…I…didn’t think…you must understand…please, Macnair.”
“Save it for the Dark Lord. I’ll be surprised if we’ll be seeing you the next day. But for now, stuff him in the trunk. We have no use for him,” replied Macnair through gritted teeth.
“What about the muggles? They’re sure to have heard something!”
“They wouldn’t dare say anything. I highly doubt that they can contact the ministry, and who in the muggle world would believe them? No, we’ll leave them alone. I’m sure that they’ll be glad to get rid of the boy. Who wouldn’t? If anything, we’ve done them good.”
Bellatrix nodded. “Okay,” She waved her wand, and a trunk appeared in front of Harry’s body. With another flick, Harry soared in the air, and landed softly inside. She closed the trunk with one last wave, grabbed Macnair and the trunk, and with a crack, they were gone.
Harry thought inside the trunk. He was sure that Bellatrix would have seen him dodge the curse. It was good that she hadn’t, as if she had, she would have tried again, and he would be dead. The only problem was that he might not be able to make it to the wedding in time, and then what would happen? He heard the crack, and felt the apparating sensation that he wasn’t quite used to. He hadn’t even taken his test yet.
He lifted up the trunk barley a crack, and looked around and saw a familiar graveyard. He looked around a bit more, and saw Hermione and Ron with Voldemort’s wand at their throats.


Voldemort turned to look at Bellatrix and Macnair. He raised his eyes questioningly at them, waiting for an answer. Macnair gave a sharp nod, and Voldemort laughed. He lowered his wand and looked at the trunk.
“He’s in there?”
There was a nod from Macnair.
“You’re sure?”
Macnair gave another nod.
“Good,” He turned to Bellatrix. “Now, Bellatrix. You’ve been quiet. Tell me.”
Bellatrix remained silent. “Master. I will tell you. It is hard, master. I…I can’t…no, master. I cannot tell you.”
I am sorry, but you have forced me to do this, Bella. LEGILIMENS!”
Harry could see Bellatrix trying to fight it, but from what he could see, she probably hadn’t learned any occlumency in her life. He saw Voldemort relax his wand arm, and laugh.
“Bella,” he stated. “You are a fool. You do remember the prophecy? One of us must kill the other. I am obviously going to kill Potter. He is too mediocre to kill me. He must have dodged the curse. He cannot have survived it, as no one loves him enough to sacrifice themselves for him, as Dumbledore is dead. Courtesy of Severus of course. He steeped aside, and a man with a long hooked nose, and long greasy hair stepped up next to him.



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