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Originally Posted by Chabichou
I would like to make a suggestion in regards to signature size. I was a little surprized that these forums allow images with such big dimensions (300x300) in terms of hight. I guess it's because most people like to have actual photos in their sigs.

But what about people who like to post banners? Banners are usually wider that 300 pixels, but they are short in terms of hieght. Could the cosforums have two sets of image size restrictions, one that is, 300x300 and another that is, let's say 500x100 for those who prefer banners?
Unfortunately, too many members have trouble understanding that they must keep the length and height of an image within 300 pixels. If we created additional options there would just be more violations and far more work for the Staff. So despite the fact that it is inconvient for some I think we will stick with the one maximum image size at this point in time

Harry Potter's Friends (for the uninitiated):

Ronald Weasley is Harry's best friend, best known to his peers as living proof that God doesn't exist.

Hermione Granger is Harry's other friend. She possesses the "plot device", a mystical artifact famed for its ability to counter the feared Wryter's Block.

Ginny Weasley The girl Harry loves. Without her, Harry would have been just as emo in the sixth book as he was in the fifth book.

Source: Uncyclopedia
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