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(Re) Introducing the Anti-Spoiler Association!

Those of you who were here for the OotP and HBP releases will of course remember the ASA. Dedicated staff and members selflessly surrendering their signatures and avatars to the prevention of spoilers. Kind of like evil crime fighters only clearly way cooler.

Do you wish you could be this cool? Do you dream of helping members by preventing spoilers. Well you can! For the low price of $9.95 plus shipping and . . . . sorry my bad. All you have to do to join is link the spoiler policy in your signature.

Copy and paste this into your sig:
Join the [url=]ASA[/url] today and help prevent [url=]spoilers![/url]. Witty and clever sig images are of course bonus, but not required.

Oh and read the spoiler policy while you're at it.

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