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Re: Wizards Unite

Originally Posted by lupislune View Post
Has anyone been playing the new Wizard's Unite game on your phone?

Thoughts on the game?

Anyone have trouble getting green spell books?
My phone isn't compatible so I started out using my fiancee's iPad in Wi-Fi only areas. I've since downloaded an APK to get it to work marginally well on my phone. It's fun enough, but something I expect to tire of/forget about before long. I just haven't bought into the purpose yet.

Pokemon Go lends itself to this style of game well because there's a clear goal in Pokemon to "catch 'em all." There's no such goal in Harry Potter except defeat Voldemort or get the creatures back in Newt's case, none of which work. So the gamemakers had to create a new narrative, and without a story on which it's based it feels a bit empty. I saw one review mention it's like a sticker book whereas Pokemon Go creates your own menagerie.

I'm not compelled by Wizards Unite's mystery, and it's a bit annoying to get the same set of Confoundables over and over (and not know which ones they are prior to clicking on it). That said, I think they've done the best job they could with a Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go. They've incorporated well spell-casting, potions, herbology, education, etc. And the design and graphics are really nice. But I don't expect this to last in the mainstream fandom much longer than Pottermore did upon its release or the other HP mobile game from last year.


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