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Re: Importance Of the Mirrors

JKR said that Sirius had to die to move the plot forward, it was not just a random death. So Sirius had to go beyond the veil for a reason that we will learn in the final book. Perhaps using the two way mirrors, Sirius is able to give Harry information needed to defeat Voldemort.

Another thought about mirrors....has anyone else noticed that Harry and Voldemort mirror each other, like a reflection? In some ways alike and other ways opposites. Voldemort is trying to achieve inmortality while Harry is willing to die to save the wizarding world. Voldemort has a small, splintered soul but Harry has a whole pure soul. Harry's being is full of love which is something that Voldemort does not understand and therefore dismisses. On the flip side they are both half blood wizards who were raised by muggles. Both had sad, desperate childhoods. They both considered Hogwarts their real home. Interesting to see how many mirrors will come into play in DH.

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