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Re: Importance Of the Mirrors

Originally Posted by mugglemom22 View Post

Another thought about mirrors....has anyone else noticed that Harry and Voldemort mirror each other, like a reflection? In some ways alike and other ways opposites. Voldemort is trying to achieve inmortality while Harry is willing to die to save the wizarding world. Voldemort has a small, splintered soul but Harry has a whole pure soul. Harry's being is full of love which is something that Voldemort does not understand and therefore dismisses. On the flip side they are both half blood wizards who were raised by muggles. Both had sad, desperate childhoods. They both considered Hogwarts their real home. Interesting to see how many mirrors will come into play in DH.

Yip, I noticed that. Also Snape has a very similar background to Voldemort and Harry. I think it is to show the importance of choices, and not everyone is black and white, there are people in this world that whilst not classed as good, are neither truly evil. You have three men all with a bad childhood, all half-blood, and if the description of Snape's bare and virtually abandoned home in Spinners End is anything to go by, all considered Hogwarts as their true home.

However, their choices couldn't be more different. Voldemort used his background as an excuse to be evil, and wants to "make them pay" and so did unspeakable things.

Snape, at first felt like that, and wanted to make people (in particular James) suffer, but has repented (depending on whether you believe that Snape is good or not, I personally believe he is) and has worked hard to redeem himself, but is still very much struggling with coming to terms with his past.

Harry on the other hand appears to have very little bitterness about his childhood, and the bullying he receives and has, despite similar difficult times to the other two people, decided to not become a victim, and use his terrible past to help others.


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