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Re: Importance Of the Mirrors

I have noticed that JK's prose has mirror's everywhere. There are sort of 3 shades of color with one being voldemort, snape, harry. Each of them has a crummy childhood and you know how you mentioned that everyone has their own choices. It shows how wrong people can turn out to be and It's there actions not their past that sets who they are and how they can affect the future. I don't think Voldemort has any chance of redemption and even if he does he won't be forgiven. Espiecially without his vital soul he'll never learn to love another person. Did you notice that at one point harry actually felt kind of sorry for Voldemort when he learned about his childhood. Same with Snape when he saw his memory he felt sorry for him espiecially since he is seeing his dad bully him. The mirror might only be used as symbolism or maybe it is used for a deeper purpose. It can signify the veil between the spirit and conscious world. It could be anything at all. As for the veil. I personally think that the Veil is the layer between the spirit and conscious world and that on Halloween it might get thin enough that harry could contact sirius through the two way mirrors.


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