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Originally Posted by Turtles
I agree with you about Percy not showing humility. I can't see any evidence of that either. And I also think that you do make a good point about his desire to see them apologize. That would give him a sense of power. But I still also think that it shows a desire for reconciliation. Otherwise, he wouldn't have mentioned it. I think he would have said that he was cutting them off completely. Your points are very good. Thanks for opening my eyes to that!
I still think he's ready to accept reconciliation on HIS terms. I think he'd snap if he had to admit he's wrong after acting like he did and refusing his own mother...I mean, he DID cut them off, except his letters to Ron. He felt like Ron, and I'm assuming Ginny too, were still salvagable. I think it's a HUGE blow for someone drawn as Percy's been, to admit they've made a mistake and all their assumptions have been wrong, all their allegiences (sorry if that's spelled wrong) have been to the wrong cause or the wrong people. You're talking about someone finding out that their whole belief/value system is based on faulty assumptions. That's pretty tragic, I think, and can set someone up for a real moral questioning. I, for one, don't assume Percy's coming out on the "good" side in the search for his soul. In fact, I'm not sure Percy will be good or bad...I think he's a pawn and will be played by the Voldemort supporters against the wizarding world, but against his family and Harry specifically.

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