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Originally Posted by conquest
I have my suspicions (sp?) on Percy's seperation from his family. I mean it was rather abrupt and blunt. Although he has always been painted as the serious prat in the Weasely family he's still a Weasely and a Gryffindor and that alone speaks a lot for him.

I think Percy is spying for the order... bash me if you will but would be a rather fantastic idea. Someone who is as close to the Minister as Percy could give priceless info to the Order. There's the whole issue about why he hasn't shown up to any of the meetings or why he didn't visit his own father in the hospital... A) I think Percy's spy-work is being kept a secret from other Order members including the Weasely parents. B) He's keeping up the appearance that he's completely seperated from his family.

Otherwise if I'm wrong, I do think Percy, even in his seemingly never-ending arrogance, will go back to his family.
I admit it - I do like this idea too but maybe that's because I'm a romantic at heart and still look for happy endings. It does have a couple of things going for it, not least of which Ron called his brother a git and Ron is usually wrong!

What worries me is that Percy has been growing more and more annoying and unWeasley like throughout the books - has D been grooming him in his spy persona for so long?

I think I see Percy as another Barty Crouch sr - rules, ministry and prepared to sacrifice family ..... oh I do hope I'm wrong

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