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Originally Posted by houseelf25
Speaking of Penelope, what happened to her? Has Jo said if she and Percy are still an item? I wouldn't be surprised if they broke up. He's soo arrogant!! But it would probably be pretty important to his future if they got married, wouldn't it? I think that she could convince percy to go back to his family, unless she's all "I love the Ministry" as well. (Wow, that sounds a little like "I love Big Brother" huh?). But anyway, I was also wondering, did it say in OotP if Percy was living alone or with some roomates? maybe he's living with Penelope...just a thought. He didn't seem to have many friends at Hogwarts.

With Penelope being a Muggleborn provides an interesting twist to those who think Percy is or will be a spy....If they are still an item that is, Percy was portrayed as being rather whipped.

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