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Re: Runaway

Wow, I got it out early!

Chapter One

The Hogwarts Express pulled slowly into Platform 9 ¾. Stream poured out of it, making the
descending witches and wizards cough and wipe their eyes. They were all returning from another
hard year at Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry, and were looking forward to a relaxing
vacation at home. That is, except for one boy.

His long, dark hair hung down over his face, as he gloomily got off the train. Of all of the hundreds
of students there, he was probably the least happy to be back from school.

“Cheer up mate! It’s only two months!”

Another boy, this one much more cheerful, descended onto the dusty platform, lugging a huge
suitcase behind him. He was a handsome boy, with hazel eyes, a thin face, and very untidy hair.
He was followed by two more boys, each with a large suitcase of their own.

“Don’t worry about it Padfoot. You’ll still have our letters to look forward to!”

This comment came from one of the last two boys. He was tall, slim, and very pale. Following him
was a small, mousy-haired boy who was having some difficulty with his luggage.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Said the pale boy, reaching down and dragging the small boy’s
suitcase onto the platform. The boy mumbled a small thanks.

“Geez Wormtail, how pathetic are you? You can’t even handle your own suitcase.” Said the
cheerful boy with the untidy hair.

“It’s not my fault!” protested Wormtail. “My mum always keeps packing extra stuff into it! It makes
it so heavy!”
“You mean your mum still packs your clothes? You really are something Wormtail, you know that?”

“Enough fighting, we just got here.” Interjected the pale boy.

“Fair enough Moony. So Padfoot, looking forward to a relaxing stay at home with your loving

“Shut up Prongs. You know I hate the holidays.” Grumbled Padfoot. And this was true, he hated
holidays more than anything else in the world, because it meant that he had to go home.

“Oh Padfoot, don’t let that old hag get to you! Speak of the devil, I think I see your mum. Well,
good luck mate!”

“Don’t worry,” said Moony reassuringly. “We’ll send you lots of letters.”


The three boys departed and left the depressed youth to walk over to one of the few people that
he hated most in the world.

“Sirius! Finally you disgrace of a son! You know how I hate lingering with these half-breeds and
mudbloods. Come.”

This order issued from the unpleasant mouth of a women who some would be considered to be the devil herself. She had long black hair that hung around her sharp, pointed face. Her dark, piecing black eyes flickered impatiently as she beckoned him to follow her. Reluctantly, Sirius followed his
mother to the one place that he hated more than anywhere else in the world.

His home, Number 12, Grimmauld Place.


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