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Re: Runaway

Chapter Three

After quietly shutting and magically locking his bedroom door, Sirius opened the window and awaited the arrival of the owl. It would probably be from James, he always sent the first letter, along with some sweets that his mother had made. James’ parents had always been very welcoming; Sirius had seen them occasionally at the train station when they were picking up their son. Oh how many times he had wished that they would adopt him and take him away from this horrible place!

Sirius’ thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of the owl, a light brown barn owl, which landed on the windowsill and stuck out its leg. Attached to it was a tiny, scrolled up piece of parchment and a small box of his favorite chocolates. Sirius had to smile; Mrs. Potter always knew just what he needed.

Opening the letter, Sirius saw three words scribbled on it:

Get your mirror.

Smiling more broadly now, Sirius crumpled up the piece of parchment, shooed the owl off his windowsill, and gripped both sides of his old mattress. Lifting it up, Sirius could see an assortment of letters, which were all from his friends, lying there piled up on top of each other. This was why he always made sure to magically lock his door when he left his bedroom, he didn’t want Kreacher or his mother to see the letters from his friends, as they strongly disapproved of his hanging out with, “the lesser wizards”.

Amidst all of the mail, there sat a small, square mirror. It had been a birthday present from James, and they always used them whenever they were separate from each other, whether during the summer or in detention. It was actually a two-way mirror, and by speaking James’ name clearly into it, Sirius could actually talk with his best friend, as he was doing so now.

“James Potter.”

There was a brief silence, and then the dusty surface of the mirror began to swirl and Sirius’ own reflection changed to that of James’. James’ face smiled and said, “Finally. So how’s it going over there Padfoot?”

“Well so far so good.” Answered Sirius grimly, “Mum’s gone off with Kreacher somewhere, and I haven’t seen dad or Regulus yet. Tell your mum I said thanks for the chocolates by the way Prongs.”

“Sure. Ah yes, little Regie. Well don’t worry; I’m sure he’ll be sent off to a ‘more quality school’ soon.”

Sirius laughed bitterly. His mother had point blank refused to send her favorite son to a “mixed” school like Hogwarts. She wanted to send him to a better school, one with only the highest quality students and professors, which were purebloods of course.

“Well until then I can only—’’

Sirius stopped suddenly. He had heard footsteps on the stairs.

“I’ve got to go Prongs, I hear someone coming.”

“All right then, but come back soon, it’s dreadfully boring here without you.”

“Definitely. Goodbye, James Potter.”

Sirius watched the surface of the mirror swirl and fade back to reflect his own face. Then he stuffed it under his mattress and waited.

Seconds later there was a loud banging on the door and he heard Regulus’ muffled voice coming from the hallway.

“Oy! Sirius! Get downstairs, it’s dinnertime! And mum and dad want to talk to you afterwards.”

Wondering just what his parents wanted to talk about with him, Sirius groaned and walked downstairs for dinner.


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