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Re: Runaway

Chapter Nine

As they were hurtling down the thousands of passageways that led to the vault, Sirius stared in amazement and wonder through squinted eyes at the rock walls and sights as they whizzed past. A retching noise came from his uncle, who was near the front of the cart, and Sirius jerked his head back just in time to see a blob of who-knew-what flash by, exactly where his head had been moments before. This was following by a sickened groan from Alphard.

The cart started to slow down, and at last came to a halt outside a small door in the rock wall. They all stepped out of the cart, first Griphook, then the still slightly sick Alphard, and finally the bewildered Sirius.

Griphook waited at the vault door impatiently with Sirius. Alphard, who had the key, was busy depositing the rest of his insides at the opposite wall, with much retching and groaning.

Finally he recovered enough to stagger over and shakily hand the key over to Griphook. Griphook then inserted the key into a hidden lock, and opened the vault door, which creaked loudly, its sound enhanced as it echoed off of the cave walls.

Sirius, who had never seen the inside of a vault before, peered in curiously to see what lay within. He was amazed to find piles of gold, stacked on the vault floor. There were heaps of bronze knuts, stacks of silver sickles, and mini-towers of gold galleons. He had never seen so much gold in his life, as his father had always gone down to the vaults alone to get their money. The look of it, sparkling and shining, their light reflecting off of each other, silenced him. He stood there, taking it all in. He had had no idea just how successful his uncle’s business had been, but apparently it paid off very well indeed.

Alphard elbowed in past Sirius and took out a small drawstring bag from inside the folds of his stained cloak. He then proceeded to fill it up to the top with coins, mostly galleons.

Then he walked out, motioned for Griphook to close the vault door, and shoved the bag into Sirius’ hands.

Thinking that his uncle just wanted him to hold onto the money until they returned to Diagon Alley, Sirius nodded and walked back towards the cart, clutching the sack carefully in his hands.

The ride back was as wild as the ride there, however Alphard, having emptied the contents of his stomach back at the vault, had a considerably more pleasurable time.

Once they had reached the surface, Alphard thanked the goblin, and then staggered out of the building. Sirius followed him until they had reached the Leaky Cauldron, where his uncle collapsed into a vacant seat, and ordered another drink, “For my stomach.”

After a pause, Sirius held out the bag of money for his uncle to take. But instead Alphard looked Sirius squarely in the eye and said in a horse voice,

“I gave that gold to ya. It’s for ya ta keep and do watever ya want with it. I suggest using it ta get ta wherever it is ya’re going.”

There was a long silence, during which Sirius stared at his uncle incredulously. All that gold? For him?

“For me?” He managed to say.

“Tha’s wat I said didn’t I?” replied Alphard with a smile. “Now go on! Git out of ‘ere, ‘fore someone finds ya.”

“Thank you so much uncle!” said Sirius gratefully. His uncle nodded and waved him away. Sirius turned to leave.

“Oh an’, Sirius?”

“Yes uncle?”

Alphard looked at his nephew affectionately.

“Good luck.”

“Thank you.”

And turning around once more, Sirius left with his bag full of gold, to begin a new life. He could hear his uncle calling out to him.

“An’ send me an owl when ya get there! God, I don’t wanta be the one who breaks the news ta ya’re mum, though I daresay she’s found out by now. I think I’ll stay away from tha’ bloody ‘ouse for a bit, ‘till she calms down. Now where’s tha’ man with my drink?”


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