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Re: Runaway

Chapter Eleven

It was already several hours past sunrise when old Steve woke up. Sirius had not slept a wink the entire night. He had spent hours trying to break free, and even more hours thinking. Thinking what his parents were doing. Thinking how James and his friends were reacting when no one responded to their letters. Thinking what would happen if someone stumbled upon the trunk he had left under the oak tree. Thinking if anyone would know if he died here . . .

Old Steve rolled over, scratched his stomach, gave a huge yawn, and sat up, blinking sleepily. Sirius could now see the man more clearly with the help of the morning’s light coming in from a hole in the wall that was probably used as a window.

Old Steve was a bald, round man. His skin was very white, for he almost never ventured outside of his hut except to hunt and to buy some items from the nearest town, which was almost two miles away. He was dressed in rags, which were stained and soaked through from too many drinks. As he looked around the room, Sirius could see that he had little bloodshot, beady eyes that had sunken into his taunt face. And the smell.

Poor Sirius, being in a dog form, had a very keen sense of smell. And the odor that was emanating from this man smelled ten times worse than Kreacher, who had never bathed once in all his many years of serving the Blacks. The smell was also probably because of a lack of hygiene, for the shack had only one room in it, and Sirius couldn’t see a drop of water anywhere.

That wasn’t to say that there weren’t any liquids in the small house. Quite the contrary in fact. Piled all over the floor, were scattered bottles of beer, some empty, some that had not even been opened yet. The tattered armchair where old Steve was sitting was covered in bottles, almost as though they had become his blanket.

Sirius was distracted from his thoughts by a very loud belch that erupted from the filthy mouth of old Steve. He then reached for one of the bottles that lay on the floor, and tried to take a sip from it, but it was empty. Sirius started to growl, and old Steve looked over in his direction.

“So you is up is you Blackie? You is a good dog Blackie, a very good dog. Old Steve will get you some food Blackie, yes.”

Old Steve staggered over to the corner where Sirius was sitting. Sirius tried to bite him, but the rope was too short and he couldn’t reach the horrid man.

“Now, now Blackie. If you is going to be a bad dog, old Steve will have to be mean to you.”

Old Steve snatched up a sack lying in the corner of the room and reached inside. After some rummaging, he found was looking for, and tossed a small piece of meat in front of Sirius.

“Now Blackie, if you is a good dog, you is going to get more meat. If you is a bad dog, you is going to get no meat and you is going to be dead like Charlie.”

Sirius sniffed at the meat, it was rotten, and there still was some light brown fur clinging to it, as well as the faint odor of a rabbit. Sirius pushed it away with his paw, thinking that he would never eat something like that.

“Oh you is a bad dog Blackie! No more meat for you!”

So old Steve swiped the rancid piece of meat off of the floor and stuffed it back into the bag.

“Now Blackie, old Steve is going train you. Get up Blackie! Get up!”

But Sirius only looked at him scornfully. He wasn’t taking any orders from a drunken muggle.

“Get up Blackie! Get up!”

But Sirius refused, he just sat where he was.

“Bad dog! Bad dog! BAD DOG!”

Old Steve was in such a rage, that he chucked the empty beer bottle towards Sirius, where it smashed against the wall, inches above his head. As shattered glass rained down on his head, Sirius jumped up with a yelp. This muggle was insane.

Old Steve saw that Sirius had stood up and he calmed down immediately, he even smiled.

“Good dog Blackie! Good dog! You is learning! You is learning!”

The rest of the day passed in the same manner. Old Steve would tell Sirius to sit, lie down, stay, or speak, and Sirius would refuse. Then Old Steve would get angry and throw something at Sirius, who would then proceed to do whatever silly command had issued from his tormentor’s mouth. After shaking the glass from his fur for the fifth time, Sirius decided to start cooperating. That last bottle had come pretty close. And after all, the old muggle might get even angrier, and then Sirius would have a lot more to worry about than a few pieces of glass . . . like how he would look as a rug.

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