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Re: Runaway

Chapter Thirteen

Sirius was walking through the dark hallways of Number12, Grimmauld Place. He couldn’t see where he was going, and the hallway stretched on and on. After walking for what seemed like an age, Sirius stopped to rest. Suddenly he heard a noise behind him and he turned around.

His mother was standing behind him, her cold, piercing eyes penetrated his. Her lips curled back into a sneer as she said,

“So, tried to run away did you? Thought you could escape from me? Well it doesn’t matter, you will never escape, and when I find you, I’m going to kill you! You won’t get away with disgracing the noble name of Black! I’ll kill you! You’re no son of mine!”

Then, before Sirius’ very eyes, his mother’s shape grew blurry for a moment, and then focused to reveal the hunching form of Kreacher.

“There he is, the young master. Disgracing the household and upsetting my poor, poor mistress. She hates him so, yes. Blasted his name right off of the family tree she did. Serves him right, distressing my poor mistress so.”

Sirius tried to run away, but his body was paralyzed. Kreacher’s elfin body morphed into the tall figure of his father’s. Like the two people before him, he spoke to Sirius,

“Why did you run away son? You could have settled down and had a nice life with the Blorsins’ daughter . . .”

Sirius tried to shout, tried to tell his father that he would not have had a nice life with that idiot, but his mouth was, as was the rest of his body, paralyzed. Before he could do or say anything, his father turned into his brother Regulus, who laughed and jeered at him.

“Mum was so upset when you left! She went crazy! She hates you you know. She’s removed you from the family! You’re not a Black anymore!”

Again Sirius tried to call out, to angrily tell his pig-headed brother that he didn’t want to be a Black anymore. But he was still held captive by some unknown force. And could only watch helplessly as Regulus became his Uncle Alphard. Uncle Alphard shook his head sadly and said,

“So ya just ran off without knowing where ya was going. That’s bound to lead to trouble, ya know. Ya should’ve used ya’re ‘ead Sirius . . .”

And then, to Sirius’ horror, Alphard took on the form of old Steve, who was brandishing a knife and saying,

“Old Steve will find you, Blackie. You can’t hide from old Steve forever. Old Steve will find you, and Old Steve will make a bad dog like you into a nice rug like Charlie. Old Steve will find you! Find you! Find you!”

Sirius tried to cover his eyes and make it all go away.

“Sirius. Sirius!”

Sirius’ mouth unfroze and he shouted, “Go away. Go away! Leave me alone!” he yelled.

“Sirius! Sirius wake up!”

“NO! No! Leave me alone! Leave me alone. Leave . . . me . . . alone. . .”

“Sirius wake up!”

Sirius bolted upright. His entire body was covered in a cold sweat. Breathing heavily, he looked around.

He was lying down in a bed. His arms and legs, now human, were covered with bandages and a sticky orange paste. The room where he was was covered in posters of various Quidditch teams. There was a small desk in one corner that was piled high with spell books and school items. A wooden dresser was sitting next to his bed, upon which sat his suitcase, now washed and cleared of any mud or grime. And there, sitting in a small wooden chair next to the bed, his eyes wide open in worry, was James.

“Are you all right Padfoot? You were shaking all over. Bad dream mate?”

Sirius nodded. “Yeah,” he said shakily, “Bad dream.”

He tried to forget what he has seen; after all, it was only a dream. But he could not forget old Steve’s words, “Find you! Find you!” And he knew that he never would. Turning James he said,

“What happened?”

“I found you lying on the front porch mate. You were beat up real badly, so mum patched you up. You’ve been unconscious for three days.”

Three days, had it really been that long?

“While mum was fixing you up, I sent an owl to the other Marauders and told them what happened. Here, these are for you Padfoot.”

He reached over to the dresser and handed a stack of envelops to Sirius. Sirius stared at the envelops for a while, then James said,

“Why didn’t you send me an owl, or contact me through the mirror?”

“I, I forgot, I guess.” Said Sirius quietly. Of course he hadn’t forgotten, but Sirius had been afraid. Afraid that if he had asked James if he could stay with him, James might have said no, and then where would he have gone?

“You forgot.” James shook his head. “You know Padfoot, sometimes I think that you’re starting to get as thick as Wormtail. What happened to you anyway? You were half-dead when I found you.”


Sirius now turned his attention to the stack of letters sitting on his lap. He picked the first one up. It was from Remus.

“See how thick that is? Moony is probably going to say how stupid and irresponsible you were and blah blah blah.”

James grinned, and Sirius managed a hoarse laugh, more like a bark. Then he slit open the envelope and began to read.


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