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Re: Runaway

Chapter Fifteen

Sirius awoke to complete silence. For a moment, he thought that he was back at 12 Grimmauld Place, where it was always quiet. There were no children running through the halls, no sounds of conversation, just silence. Sirius would often lay in his bed for a few minutes, listening for signs of life. Then eventually he would get up and begin his dreary day.

Here though, Sirius soon discovered that it was not as silent as he had first thought. He could hear the sounds of birds chirping outside the window, the soft whoosh that cars made as they drove by on the streets. And, Sirius could just make out the faint sound of people’s voices drifting up from the floor below.

Sirius lay there for a while, listening to the normal, yet abnormal to him, sounds of the morning. Finally he sat up, tossed the white sheets off of himself, and got out of bed for the first time in days.

It wasn’t easy, his legs shook and his knees wobbled. Sirius felt as though he was going to collapse. But after a few moments of shaking, he regained his balance, and slowly stumbled towards the stairs.

Going down was a real challenge. Sirius’s legs were still very weak from their many days of hardship. His knuckles whitening, Sirius clung tightly to the smooth wooden banister for support. At first his steps were painful, but after managing to stagger about halfway down the staircase, Sirius found that his steps came easier, and by the time he reached the bottom floor, Sirius could walk almost regularly.

The voices that he had heard were coming from a small, brightly lit room. From the smell of the various aromas that were come from it, Sirius assumed that it was the kitchen. There were several people inside, and Sirius recognized two of the voices.

In the center of the kitchen stood a round wooden table, and seated in matching chairs around it, were four people. Sirius recognized the two adults from the train station. Even if he hadn’t, he would have known that the man with the untidy black hair and the woman sitting beside him could only be James’ parents. On the other side of the table sat two boys. One was leaning back in his chair and talk animatedly to the other three people. The other teenager was a pale faced boy who was leaning forward in his seat, with a worried expression on his face.

“So then, just as I’m about to set off th- Padfoot! Didn’t see you there mate!”

James stopped in mid-sentence as he noticed his friend leaning weakly against the doorframe. The other boy jumped up immediately and rushed over to his side.

“Sirius you shouldn’t be out of bed!” Remus said in a worried tone.

“Sorry.” Sirius muttered, not able to meet the stares of the two adults. “I was just getting hungry and-”

“Say no more my dear.” Interrupted Mrs. Potter, who rose and headed over to the stove upon which something delicious-smelling was boiling.

Remus led Sirius over to his vacated seat, and Sirius sat down. Mrs. Potter brought over a bowl of steaming soup, and Sirius eagerly began eating.

“Be careful! It’s really hot!” warned James’ mother. But it was too late; Sirius had already shoved mouthfuls of the steaming stuff into his mouth and was currently busy chugging down large amounts of water. James laughed and even Remus managed to smile a little.

After Sirius had put out the fire in his mouth, he returned to gulping down his soup, as if he was afraid that something so delicious was going to disappear if he didn’t eat it fast enough. He hadn’t eating anything this good since, well since Hogwarts really. The food at Grimmauld Place had never been any good.

“Slow down son, you’re going to choke.” Advised Mr. Potter.

“Come on dad, he hasn’t had anything but dog food for months!” Joked James. “Isn’t that right Padfoot?”

Sirius nearly choked on his soup as he laughed. James smiled, glad that he had been able to cheer his friend up.

“So Sirius,” asked Remus. “What are you going to do now? Until we go back to Hogwarts of course.”

Sirius didn’t answer, of course he wanted to stay here with James, but he hadn’t even asked his parents yet. But what he heard next made him drop his spoon with surprise. It landed in the empty bowl with a small clatter. Flecks of soup splattered on the table, but Sirius took no notice.

“Why he’s going to stay here of course. We’d love to have another son.”

Sirius stared at James’ dad in disbelief, had he really just said what he thought he said?

“Of course. We’re not going to let him go back to those awful people.” Said Mrs. Potter. “Sirius is going to stay right here until he goes back to school with James. Of course, if that’s alright with you Sirius.”

At first Sirius didn’t say anything. Then as the words sunk in, his entire body was filled with a warmth that had nothing to do with his soup.

“Yes. Yes I’d love to stay here with you!”

“Then it’s settled.” Said Mr. Potter. “You can sleep upstairs with James. Welcome to the family Sirius.”

“Cheers mate!” said James, holding up his glass. “You are now an honorary Potter! We are going to have so much fun this summer!”

“Yeah.” Said Sirius, smiling as he held his glass up as well.

“To family!” said Mr. Potter.

“To friends!” said James.

To freedom. Thought Sirius. And he smiled and laughed with the rest of his family.


Well that was it! I hope you enjoyed it! I can't wait to write my second fan fic!


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