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Re: Indoronel *Dandinigirl13 and accompanied writers from 'It's OK to be Bored!'

Chapter one:

“Rowan!” A clear voice rang through the forest, “ Rowan, Rowan, Rowan!” The voice sang. The young man named Rowan was lying in the high grass next a river that flowed calmly through the earth. He had been sleeping, but not deeply enough not to be woken by the girl calling his name.

He heard her laughter, like silver bells tinkling among the old trees. His eyes remained closed as he listened to her approaching footsteps through the trees, twigs and dry leaves cracking where she put her feet.

The sound stopped and it was suddenly quiet. He frowned. Before he could open his eyes something landed on top of him.

“Aaah!” He shouted and his eyes flew open, coming face to face with the girl now sitting on top of his chest. Her sky-blue eyes looked into his.

“Boo,” she said, then threw back her head and laughed.

“Csathie!” he exclaimed. “ What are you doing? Get off me.” He pushed his friend off him. She landed next to him in the grass, giggling.

“I,” she said, “ Was looking for you, sleepyhead. Now I’ve found you.” She tickled him in his side, making him jump. “It’s your birthday, silly, you should be celebrating! All you do is sleep in the sun! Sometimes I really do not get you, Rowan.” She jumped up and tried to pull him on his feet as well.

“Come on, Stand up! My Father wishes to speak to you.”

Sighing heavily Rowan closed his eyes. He didn’t want to get up, but if The Master wanted to speak with him, he’d have to.

Slowly he stood up. Csathie was dancing around him, her white dress swirled around her, a wide smile was plastered on her face, like most of the time. When he was on his feet she grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the forest, back to the path that led to her home.

He walked after her as she skipped ahead. She stopped and made a pirouette with her arms above her head. She waited for him and smiled.

“Why, pray tell me, are you moving so slow? How is it that they call you the great warrior if you’re so slow?” She jumped around him. Her blonde curls bounced on her shoulders, light blue ribbons swirled through the air.

“God, Csathie, you are such a child.”

“ I am nearly seventeen, so not really.”

“Well you don’t behave like seventeen, when are you going to grow up?”

“You’re grumpy today, dear Rowan. Yesterday you were skipping and running along with me. Can you suddenly not do that anymore now that you are twenty-one? Suddenly the boy thinks he is a man.” She smiled teasingly and laughed. He couldn’t help but smile at her lively behaviour.

“There, that is much better.” She said as she hopped on top of her toes and kissed his cheek, “happy birthday Rowan Rabbit.”

“Hey! Don’t call me that!”

She laughed at him. “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!” She sang. He tried to grab her arm, but she jumped out of his reach and started running away from him. He ran after her, following her giggles down the path.


Laughing and out of breath they reached the edge of the forest. Trying to catch his breath he looked at her. Her sunkissed face wore the never fading smile of the little girl she once was, and her eyes sparkled happily. She pushed a few strands of hair behind her ear. Suddenly he wondered when his childhood friend had grown into this beautiful young woman.

“My Father is waiting for you in the library. Go to him, he has been waiting. I will see you at your party.” With that she disappeared into the forest again. For a moment he looked at the spot where she had disappeared among the trees. Then he turned and walked toward the castle that lay on the other side of the green field he was standing in. He wondered what the Master wanted to speak to him about.

Entering the castle, he made his way to the Master’s library with wide strides. He could find his way in the castle blindfolded, for so many years he’d walked through its corridors and secret passageways already. He’d grown up here.

The Master’s library was exactly what a library ought to be like. A thousand shelves filled with dusty old books. If you walked past the wooden bookcases you could almost hear the ancient books whisper the wisdom they held. The Knowledge of generations of sorcerers, philosophers and scientists all brought together here.

Since he had turned twelve, Rowan had been studying here under the supervision of The Master. He had learned so much and yet the books around him still held so many secrets he did not yet know. Many things he would never know and others he could never learn. He didn’t have the magical abilities The Master and Csathie had. He would never be a true sorcerer. He remembered being jealous of Csathie when she started learning to use her magic. He made her so angry she’d given him rabbit ears. Hence the nickname.

Rowan found The Master in the back of the library, sitting behind a desk. He was bending over a large parchment spread out in front of him. When Rowan approached The Master looked up, and made the parchment roll itself up with a simple gesture with his hand in the air. The he rose.

“Rowan,” he spoke, opening his arms in a welcoming gesture, “ I want to congratulate you on your twenty-first birthday.” He smiled warmly. “ I am proud of the man you have become over the years.” His expression became serious. He asked Rowan to sit down and took the place on the other side of the desk again, folding his hands in front of him.

“Do you remember when you asked me about your real family, Rowan?” The Master asked him.

“Yes, Master. You answered that you’d tell me when the time was right for it.”

“I did, and I thank you for your patience. I know it has been hard for you not knowing much about your family. But your waiting has come to an end. The time has come, and, today, I will tell you everything you want to know about your family.”

Rowan felt a wave of excitement rush through his body. He had been waiting for this for so long. Finally, finally he would learn about his family. He had always known he wasn’t born in these lands. He was brought here when he was little, too little to remember the world he came from. When The Master wouldn’t tell him about it, he knew that there was no point in continuing asking. If The Master didn’t want to tell him, he wouldn’t. Secretly he had searched for information in the library with Csathie, but they had found nothing at all. But now he would hear everything. Without noticing he moved to sit on the edge of his seat.

“You are aware of the fact that you came here when you were but four years old?” It was more of a statement than a question, but Rowan nodded anyway. “ Your mother asked me to take you into my castle. To…to keep you safe, because where you came from, things were far from safe.

“I trust you heard about the Great War that broke out in out neighbouring country, Voghunus? And also about the Demon King that rules it? Voghunus is your home country; you were born at the beginning of four long years of war. This ended when the Demon King killed Arognarth, the King that reigned during some short years of your childhood. The Demon King placed himself on the throne of Voghunus. This was the beginning of a dark time for the people of your country. They are exploited and heavily oppressed by his reign, terrorised by those on his side.

“Now, I want you to look at this.” The Master continued after a brief silence. He unrolled the parchment he had been studying when Rowan had walked into the library. Before Rowan’s eye was something that looked a little like a map. The parchment was covered with a network of lines and words were scribbled among the lines. When he looked closer Rowan saw the words were in fact names, and the lines connected them. He was looking at a family tree.

He traced the lines down to the last names. It ended with two, one being Araliveia and the other his own name. Rowan.

He looked at The Master questioningly.

“Yes, it is your name.” He said, smiling gently, “ This is the family tree of the Royal family. The Monarchy of Voghunus. You’re mother, Eronnine, was the only child of a past king, Ecthirador, your grandfather. When he died she and her husband, Arognarth, the son of a nobleman, became the new king and queen. Five years later, the army of the Demon King attacked their Kingdom. Your home.

“Eventually their defences fell in the fourth year of war. Your father was killed. Your mother saw that nothing could save her country, the war was over and they had lost. But as she couldn’t save her country and her people, she did everything she could to save her children, and maybe, by doing so, she thought there would still be hope for her country? Maybe her children could help defeat him? They could take back their right to the throne of Voghunus and restore peace in the fallen kingdom?

“Do you understand what I am telling you, Rowan? You are the son of Eronnine of Voghunus, the last queen. You are the prince. And it is time for you to decide what you are going to do with the country that is rightfully yours.”

Rowan nodded slowly, he could feel the weight of everything The Master had just said pressing down upon his chest. He had not known what to expect The Master to tell him, but it was not this. Nothing he learned over the past years could have prepared him for the task he knew he had, or had been burdened with. He was the prince, and his people were suffering. He suddenly felt guilt surge within him. Within that moment, he decided he would do everything in his power to free them from the darkness of the Demon King. Anything he could.

“Is there anything you would like to ask me?” The Master said.

Rowan thought for a moment, his brain still trying to process all the new information. Then he remembered a detail The Master hadn’t told him about. He looked back at the parchment and reached out towards the name next to his own, brushing his fingers against the dry ink.


“Who – who is this?” he asked, “Who is Araliveia?” He knew the answer before The Master had spoken.

“Araliveia is your sister.”


Ok, that was the first chapter of our story. I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you like it.
I can't wait to see what will happen in the next chapter. Who will be writing it?


^ Remus&Dora, made by the amazing burdge-bug (

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