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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

This doesn't seem to suggest that she was joking. And I think we can be fairly sure that the remark was not intended for shock value, given that she seems to imply that she held off the disclosure for many years because she wasn't sure how it would be received.
I wonder what Gellert's sexuality was - did he love his friend back, or was he ambivalent to Albus' affections?
The linked story has JKR saying it was an unrequited love affair, so I'd reckon that was it. And I doubt that Dumbledore had much affection left for Grindelwald after all those years, what he was probably more scared of was learning that he had cast the curse that killed his sister. So what he told Harry at King's Cross was absolutely true to that extent, he wasn't hiding anything there.
As for the new information itself, it doesn't really change my view of Albus in any way. It's like being told, in context of Molly Weasley, that she had brothers who died in the first war: it may explain some aspect of Dumbledore in greater detail, but what really mattered more to me was his early family life, and how that affected him. That was the revelation for me as far as Dumbledore was concerned, and we had it right there in the Deathly Hallows text.

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