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Re: Draco Malfoy' during his last year at hogwarts

Originally Posted by RegulusBlackFan View Post
Here are a few questions:
Did Draco Malfoy actually attend hogwarts in the deathly hallows? When he was at Malfoy manor, was he there for his Easter holidays or was he there permanently along with the rest of his family?

I'm pretty sure he attended Hogwarts. The scene in which Harry had a vision of Draco torturing the Death Eater was before school started. And I think he was home for the Easter holidays when they went to Malfoy Manor.

If yes, please answer the following questions, if you don't know the answer, write your own opinion:

Was he an elite student or even head boy?

He may have been (I'm pretty sure only Purebloods would be allowed an elite status) but if he were, I don't think he would be that into it.

Do you think he still played as seaker in the slytherin quidditch team?

I can't really see him still playing Quidditch, in fact, I don't think I can really imagine Quidditch matches still going on under the new Hogwarts. If they did, I think Draco may have dropped out of the team because he would have lost interest/had other things on his mind. If he did continue to play seeker, it would only be to keep himself distracted and give himself something to do.

How do you think he got on with:

Severus Snape?

I think that he would have avoided Snape. Not only did he not like Snape but I think he may have feared him, especially since Snape was so obviously close to Voldemort. Draco wouldn't want to do anything to upset the Headmaster. I doubt he trusted Snape at all anymore.

The Carrows?

He would have attended their classes so he probably had a loose teacher-student relationship with them. I'm not sure if he liked them much but he had brought them along to ambush Dumbledore in HBP so he may have been alright with them, even if they did freak him out a little.

Neville Longbottom, did he mock him?

I think that with all Draco had been through, he would have stayed to himself and avoided most people, especially people like Neville who were the ones rebelling against Snape/Carrows. He may have even felt a slight intimidation by them.

The rest of Dumbledore's army?

The same as above.

Crabbe and Goyle?

He seemed he was still friends with them but he probably held onto the friendship a lot more than either Crabbe/Goyle did because it was probably one of the few things in his life that hadn't changed completely and he wanted to hold on to it. From the RoR scene, it seems that both Crabbe and Goyle were more independent from him and probably liked it that way, so the three were probably not as close. I was surprised, and pleased, to see him show that much concern and care and anguish over Crabbe's death because I never really thought he gave his friends/bodyguards that much thought.

Pansy Parkinson?

I don't think Malfoy would be in a relationship with her. He may have talked to her and stuff but since Draco changed a lot during his seventh year, Pansy may have felt he was a completely different person and wasn't interested anymore. Also, I think Draco needed someone to talk to about everything that was going on in his life and it's hard to think that Pansy would be the type of girl that would listen and care about that stuff.

The other slytherins?

He may have just got along with them the way anyone gets along with their classmates or he may have avoided their company like I would think he would avoid the D.A.

Originally Posted by arithmancer View Post
The Carrows?

I think he got by in their classes, and tried to stay under their radar. (Or he avoided their classes, by choosing not to try for his NEWT in Muggle Studies or Dark Arts and focusing on Potions). He certainly did not in any real way support or try to help them. He knew how to get into the Room of Requirement and how it had been used by Dumbledore's Army in the past, and he did not share this information with them.
I think Neville told the Trio that Muggle Studies and Dark Arts were mandatory classes, so he probably had to take them.
I think the Carrows knew about the RoR because Draco led them through it from the Vanishing Cabinets in his sixth year.

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