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Re: Draco Malfoy: Character Analysis v.2

Originally Posted by MerryLore View Post
I'm not so sure about the cowardice. He was caught in a bad situation and probably couldn't see a way out - either he kills Dumbledore, or he quite possibly sees his mother tortured and killed (and Lucius as well, had he not been in Azkaban at the time). He'd probably be killed as well. However, if there had been a longer delay with the DEs reaching the tower, he may have taken Dumbledore up on his offer for protection.
The cowardice is there because he wanted to be a death eater, he wanted to kill Dumbledore and he relished the idea of getting the glory that would accompany should he accomplish the task. The situation might have played it's part but Draco did want to it. It's only when things are not going for him that he becomes scared. Another example is, he uses Greyback to terrorize Borgin (Or Burke) but when Greyback's is actually there he distances himself from him. There are numerous examples of Draco acting quite cowardly throughout the books and wishing death on others.

I'd like to say Draco was just a big bully but I think he crossed that line a long time ago and some of his actions are not defend-able. He is repeatedly racist to Hermione and wishes death on her at the age of 12. He insults Ron's parents and the place he lives at repeatedly and that for me is again going a step too far. He is almost responsible for murdering 2 students by being reckless.

You could blame his upbringing for his behavior at the start but at no point does he seem to question any of his beliefs even after coming to Hogwarts. His beliefs don't change one bit and all that happens is the realization that life under Voldemort was not going to be very pleasant and that he and his family were no better than than the mudbloods. Draco had lots of chances to redeem himself but his lack of conviction and general cowardice holds him back. All he cared about was self preservation even if it came at the cost of other people's lives.

I was hoping for some kind of redemption but it never materialised unfortunately.

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