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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

1. What are your general thoughts on Dumbledore as a character through books 1-7? Do you see a difference in his behavior and/or actions between the books?

Books 1-5 I thought he was fantastic and great fun to read. I respected him. Book 7 he appeared to me to be manipulative and deceptive. Every life is worth saving, and I hated his whole belief 'for the greater good'. He didn't need to sacrifice himself in the end of HBP let alone all the other unknown, innocent victims, ad in my mind there will have always been an alternative to the actions he took. In the end he became probably my most disliked character, this is before his revelation and I think this is so because of the way he was portrayed. His 'flaws' were not communicated very effectively, to me at least, and the execution of it was horrible.

3. What did you think of the revelations of DH regarding Dumbledore's family? How did these tragedies effect the person he is now?

I can't say properly because I feel the tragedies weren't relayed effectively from within the text.

4. Why do you think Dumbledore and Grindelwald were friends? How did Dumbledore's homosexuality affect his susceptibility to Grindelwald's ideas?

I genuinely believe that Albus and GG were friends because they were 'what is considered to be' at the same (very high) intellectual level. Can no one imagine how frustrating it must be to have to communicate with people of lower mental capacity and how thrilled they(Albus and GG) must have been when they met each other.

'Dumbledore's Homosexuality' is something the author always 'thought' he was. This is something that will be left open for debate for years to come since it hasn't been expanded on properly in the books. There isn't sufficient evidence in the book for this notion to be accepted as fact. But this forum accepts the authors words as canon.

5. Was Dumbledore right to keep so many secrets from so many people? Was this secrecy because of his sister? Because of his own homosexuality?

I do not think it was right for Albus to keep secrets from so many people. He could have at least told Snape (among other order members, eg Lupin) who is at the same intellectual level as Albus if not higher. To me it indicated that Albus saw him self as the wisest and most accomplished of all people. His 'humble' musings as it were were more of a, 'Ho ho, I am just your average wizard who likes lemon sherbet and puddings' *moves around and winks with air of obviousness that he is the most powerful* .

6. What do you think of Dumbledore's recognition of his own failings? His decision not to enter the Ministry?

Look at previous answer. He is humble of the arrogant sort (that is how I felt honestly)

7. Do you think Dumbledore expected too much from Harry? Did he do the right thing? Was it fair to ask Harry to sacrifice himself?

Yes I do think he expected too much of Harry. He was overestimating Harry's powers compared to what little he trusted in others. Even after his death he was ordering Snape around through his portrait. The man was a spy for half of his life, he doesn't need strict guidance, not to mention he kept too much information to himself. And it was not fair to ask Harry to sacrifice himself, as it was just as unfair if not more so to ask Snape to kill him, even if he was going to die eventually. There is always an alternative, which is where I find some of the messages conveyed in the book as puzzling.

8. Does the revelation of his homosexuality ultimately affect his character? What actions, if any, do you see differently now?

No it doesn't affect his character,well not for the positive at least, and it does not give him more 'depth' as others have stated. Was he not 'deep' enough? Now that is something that should be considered seriously. This revelation makes his character to me more confusing, and I wished there was a more complex reason for his relationship with others and how he treats them. My belief that Albus found an intellectual equal in GG seemed to contain more substance than ' Albus was in love with GG and experienced unrequited love so was in a difficult situation when it came to his brother, sister, Ministry of Magic and the wizarding world as a whole.'

In fact for me, it made the character sillier since he didn't properly move on with his life after GG showed his true colours. 120 plus years, he didn't get to meet anyone else? And I thought Snape was obsessed. How can such a person be so hard on themselves and not allow themselves to move on and benefit the community with the maximum output possible. No need to cry over spilt milk.

In the end the man was killed by his own stupidity because he couldn't resist putting on a cursed ring that resurrects the specters of the dead. Who did he want to call? Arianna or GG?

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