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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Why should it be so? There is nothing in the books, I think, to say that Harry should go into the Forest thinking he must die, instead of willing to die (and I think Harry would have still gone into the Forest) for the horcrux inside him to be destroyed.

I think DD was naturally secretive and his brilliance and enomous magical talent made him a bit arrogant, in thinking IMO, that he could think, analyse and decide better than all. This was an honest arrogance and not the arrogance we imply when we use the word normally. This aspect shows up time and again all through the Books.

It helped, I think, that he was correct in his assumptions and theories more often than not, but the few times he did make mistakes, they cost very heavily.

He sits alone IMO, in more ways than one, that sadly blinds him to the needs of individual persons and emotions -- he is almost, always seeing only the bigger picture.

In that respect it would have been fantastic had he found love after GG with Doge or any other wizard, for that would have healed him a bit and would have IMO, made him not so alone at the top and would have changed his perspective about everything...
I agree with you. Imo, Dumbledore needed to share his decision making with another - or others - in order to help with perspective. While I hope he was able to have a wonderful love life, imo, he should have shared his political duties with the members of the Order. There were brilliant people all around him. I also agree that his mistakes were very costly, imo, sometimes needlessly so. However, as you indicated, it did help that everything worked out in the end - at least for those who survived.

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