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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

Originally posted by zgirnius
There were four Marauders . Let's keep in mind that little Peter, whom no one respected, was a member of the Order of the Phoenix as well, and so close to Lily and James that he was photographed standing between them in the picture Moody showed Harry at 12 Grimmauld Place in OotP.

Dumbledore did not know he was the spy, but he knew there was a spy close to the Potters. Further, it seems that the Potters did not take this seriously, because they chose a Secret Keeper among the people close to them. This seems to me reason enough not to tell the Potters about Snape. If James' sense of honor caused him to share this information with his closest friends, Peter would have doubtless betrayed Snape to Voldemort. So in this case, I think Dumbledore's secrecy was warranted.
And I wonder what was DD doing with the knowledge that there was a spy who was very close to the Potters?

DD had knowledge of the Prophecy -- he knew Snape had been apprehended and thrown out half way through the same Prophecy -- sometime later Snape comes running in fear and remorse and once again informs DD that Voldemort has indeed chosen the Potters and tells DD to some how hide all of them -- even James Potter once DD says he is disgusted with Snape's attitude.

Why did DD not do more? He was in the position of the Supreme Commander of the Light forces that were fighting a battle with Voldemort -- the battle was already on -- James and Lily had already defied Voldemort Thrice -- why weren't they protected more securely -- why did DD listen to James's wish of appointing Sirius as the secret keeper when he knew some one very close to the Potters was a DE -- Was that the time to pander to James's wish -- why weren't the members subjected to more scrutiny once they knew there was a spy very close to the Potters especially when it looked like their child was the child of Prophecy?

It seems to me that DD was equally to blame for the death of the Potters as any body else...

Sure there were four Marauders and everybody was scared and suspecting every other person to be a spy -- in the army when you know you have a traitor, you try your best to flush out the dangerous weed, else it would damage the entire crop ( I think this came out plain silly but I won't change it) -- in the magial world DD could have asked every one to simply show their fore arms -- if Peter was not marked for remaining secret (though I very much doubt it) -- then a simple oath that 'I am not a death eater and I am working against Voldemort' would have sufficed.

Why wasn't that done? In a war of that magnitude when so much was at stake why did DD leave everything to the dignity and honesty of the members themselves?

Is that the best way to lead? What exactly were the motivations behind such a reasoning?

And Snape has not even come into this yet...

Since I was too carried away to post IMO's, kindly note that the entire post is my opinion only.

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