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Re: Albus Dumbledore: Character Analysis v2

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
So is this what I understand of the statement above -- with the knowledge of the prophecy and the knowlege that Voldemort knows one half of that prophecy and with the knowledge one person extremely close to the Potters and a member of the Order is a DE, DD should have still led the Order by leaving everything to the dignity and honesty of the members concerned?
In PoA, we learn that Voldemort was specifically after the Potters, and that Dumbledore told them to hide for this reason, from a conversation not including Dumbledore. In other words, other people were told this information. We also learn that a member close to the Potters was a traitor, from the same conversation. We learn Sirius knew all this, back in the day. In other words, the only one of the facts you list above that Dumbledore may not have shared with anyone is the actual content of the prophecy, which is a secret he fears may be of use to Voldemort (DD knows more of it than Voldemort, after all). Yes, he absolutely should have left it to the Order members at that point. They were all warned, and could take prudent precautions to protect themselves and their fellows.

As a leader, he also provided what he felt was the best advice - that the Potters should hide, that they should use the Fidelius Charm, and that they should use him as the secret keeper because of the danger of the spy. I presume that he not only offered, but explained reminded them why this would be a good idea. Beyond that, he could and should have done no more, as I see it. Clearly, the Potters took some of this advice - they hid and used the Fidelius Charm to do it. Unfortunately, they put their trust in the wrong person.

If in your opinion DD ought to have made everyone show their forearms and swear Unbreakable Vows, how much more true is this of James and Lily Potter? They should have asked to see Peter's arm before choosing him, and required him to take an Unbreakable Vow that he would never tell the secret without their authorization before making him Secret Keeper. He was their choice, not Dumbledore's, so surely it is more their responsibility than his to make sure he was worthy of their trust?

Note I do not think Lily and James should have done either of these things...I think they should have used Dumbledore, as he offered.

? -- and should the members still meet to discuss matters regarding Voldemort with that unknown DE present because no one knows who he or she is --
Yes, they absolutely should still meet and discuss, bearing in mind what Dumbledore has told them - that one of them is probably a spy. In fact, in a universe with Veritaserum, Legilimency, and the Imperius Curse, they should have acted as though there was a spy in their midst even before Dumbledore confirmed it. There are things that can be done short of Unbreakable Vows, to limit the danger. (Compartmentalization, limiting information on a need-to-know basis, etc. rather the way real-life secret organizations operate, for similar reasons, since in RL there are no guarantees).

Actually, in a universe with magic like the Imperius, there is good reason NOT to demand Unbreakable Vows of loyalty...

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