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A series completed: Analysis of all eight movies in one

You have seen Deathly Hallows Part Two. Ten years ago the first Potter movie hit the cinemas. Now years later we have reached the end. This thread looks back on those ten years and eight movies.

The movies

Which movie out of all eight of them is your favourite? Why?
If you could name one moment which you consider your favourite for all movies which one is it?


Which director did the best job of portraying the Wizarding World?
Would you have preferred one director for all eight movies?


Which story arc has been fleshed out the best during the movies? Examples: Coming of Age story of the Trio, Harry vs Voldemort, The Marauder vs Snape, Snape as Dumbledore's inside man etc.


Which character has had the best portrayal (script wise and acting wise)?
Which actor or actress in their role has been a revelation to you?


How important has music been to you while watching the movies?
Who is your favourite music composer?
Which soundtrack is your favourite?
What is your favourite music track?

Cinematography, Set Design, Costume Design etc.

Which movie has the best cinematography?
Best set design (props etc)?
Best special effects?
Best costumes?

Overall verdict
Are you happy with the Harry Potter movies as a completed series?

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