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Re: Will Draco join the "good" side? v2

I know Draco was portrayed as a bully, but we did not have his viewpoint during the telling of the tale.

To us, Harry comes across as mostly good even though from time to time he does things that could be construed as "bad" - like breaking school rules, etc - but we forgive him because we get to hear how he is thinking and we can justify most of his behavior. Even his wrongful behavior we forgive because we get to read his 'remorse'

We don't read any of Draco's thoughts, we don't know if he feels remorse or why he chooses to do the things he does. We might feel that he is justified in all he thinks, does and says if we knew his thoughts.

JKR has indicated that he is just a plain old classic bully and not a character to warrant sympathy. But has JKR reallly sat down and worked out why that might be? Perhaps she has and that is what led her to begin to redeem his character in HBP.

In any case, I don't think we really know the extent of any 'badness, evil, goodness, remorse' etc. about Draco, so it is hard to determine if he'll ever consider really joining the Order against Voldemort and if he did so, we wouldn't know why he did it unless she tells us.

I don't think it much matters. I like the idea of him being the one who goes back to teach at Hogwarts. That would be too hilarious, had never crossed my mind.

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