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Re: Nagini: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
Spoiler: show
She seems like such a good person in Fantastic Beasts. She is a good friend and positive support for Credence and even has Dumbledore-level wisdom/advice in telling Credence it's about not being who he was born but how he became. She also seems to have joined the Ministry to help defeat Grindelwald at the end of the movie. It seems almost heartbreakingly tragic now that her destiny is just to become an object, a pet used to harbor a piece of a psychotic tyrant's soul. When Neville slices the head off the snake, he's killing this woman? Or is her soul long gone by that point? I hope so...
Spoiler: show
There is still a lot we don't know about Nagini. We only see that she and Credence have formed a bond while she has taken refuge in the circus with other magical misfits. Nagini is afflicted with a blood curse that forces her to eventually remain in snake form. You don't have to be evil to join the dark magic side, as we see Gracie join because she is naive and easily influenced by Grindelwald. Wizards spent years doing Voldemort's bidding under a simple Imperius Curse, yet as they were controlled and were unable to act otherwise we can't assume they are evil. At some point Nagini is stuck in snake form when Voldemort crosses paths with her and likely manipulated her perhaps with the promise that he could cure the blood curse. Or perhaps she no longer remembered that she was once a witch and identifies only as a snake.

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