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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

I think it must be remembered that Voldemort, for all intents and purposes, destroyed the Marauders. Lupin's affliction aside two of his best friends were murdered, Peter missing and presumed dead, and his last best friend accused of it all. And nothing Lupin could have done would have prevented that. Werewolf or not. War does that to people. Makes them doubt themselves and their abilities. There is nothing in canon to suggest why he chose to hide from Harry but almost any scenario is possible. From his wolfism to guilt and regret to the thought that Harry couldn't be in any place safer than one or name them all none of them point to some character/moral flaw in Lupin. When Lupin remains mum about an intruder at Hogwarts there are varying explanations for but I have always felt that Lupin never really believed that Sirius was guilty of collusion with Voldemort in the first place. I don't think he really thought about it too much. Just acted on instinct. Again this isn't a moral/character flaw. This is a beaten down man just beginning to come out of his shell and feel again thanks to Harry and Dumbledore. Let's not forget that he returns to the Order and continues to fight Voldemort. Many men can't come back from the things that happened to Lupin during Voldemort's spree of evil. Plus he comes back by using his contacts as a werewolf. Being a werewolf was hard for Lupin. And for him to delve into the lycanthropic world is distressing for him. But he does it anyway for the good of those he loves. With Lupin I've always gone by the definition that bravery is what you do when you are scared, but do it anyway.

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