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Re: Bellatrix Lestrange: Character Analysis

5. Bellatrix seems to have a fondness for the Cruciatus curse. What do you think that this says about her personality and history?
She usually uses the Cruciatus curse on those who fight against Voldemort's ideas or have "dirty blood." To her, she may see these people as an obstacle that's in the way of how the world really should be. By causing those people pain, she may believe that the people are paying their price for ruining the Wizarding World. A really disgusting belief, but that's my only thought on why she would do such acts....

6. What do you think of her hatred of Tonks for marrying a werewolf?

Well, she has inherited the pureblood mania, so that's one factor. I think another reason for her wanting to kill Tonks so badly is because of how she was ridiculed . She had an obsessive love with Voldemort and Tonks was ruined her image.


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