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Re: Bellatrix Lestrange: Character Analysis

Bellatrix is one of the most undeniably evil characters in Harry Potter, IMO. I don't think she was like that pre-Azkaban, though; on one of the pages on JKR's website, the background looks like the Trophy Room, and you can read some of the names on the trophies-like Tom Riddle, James Potter, and Bellatrix Black. She must've done something to get an award for Special Services to the School (kind of makes you wonder what).

She was in love with Voldemort; she had to have been. I think it was more of a power thing than a romantic one, though. Voldemort didn't return Bellatrix's feelings; he was incable of love. He freaked out after she died because she was his best and strongest of the Death Eaters.

I think that Bellatrix's insanity was a result of all the purebloods being so heavily inbred, as well as the way that she was raised. Her parents were Dark Wizard supremecists, and that obviously would've rubbed off on Bellatrix. And, considering that they were the kind of people that used Dark Magic as a leisure activity, imagine the punishment they would've given to kids...-shudder-

She wasn't completely evil though. JKR said somewhere that, with the exception of Voldemort, none of the characters in HP are completely good or evil. I think that caring about her sister Narcissa was the small bit of light that remained in Bellatrix.


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