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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by Undrhil View Post
Of course, there was that indignation in Harry's tone when he said "No! He didn't tell me anything!" I felt like calling him Anakin and saying "Wah wah! Mr. Potter! Would you like some cheese with that wine." and make it sound like Hagrid.

Well, I laughed at it, anyway. :-D
It is good that you bring this up because I always thought that this scene handled the madness that is anger between two friends pretty well. The idea that Harry wants to get in the last word to tell Hermione to last word to Ron. But especially the part that you mentioned. In any other film in Harry's position, the protagonist will reflect on how they treated Ron or feel sort of puzzled at this act of kindness; but how Harry refuses to see that Ron still is looking out for him and rather stay angry at him is a nice realistic touch to how sometimes being angry makes us lose all our minds.

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