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Re: Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

My thoughts on the nature of marriage in the wizarding world, and the sense I get from the books, is that she married Lucius not from love, but simply because he was the most acceptable pureblood she was offered at the time. Her family didn't seem the type to accept any other sort of marriage, especially as Sirius says the 'old wizarding families' are dying out. It would almost be Narcissa's duty to 'marry well'.
Once again, I'm mystified. As long as I'm a member of this board, we've been discussing if Lucius and Narcissa had an arranged (or otherwise not conceived by love) marriage. I never understood that. After HBP, the debate toned down, because sentences like "before I am reunited with Lucius" and her defense of him when Bellatrix criticised him didn't fit to the 'poor Narcissa forced to marriage that awful man'. And I was rather staunchly convinced that the last remaining doubts about the nature of Narcissa's and Lucius' marriage couldn't but have dissolved in thin air with DH released.

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