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Re: Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by crowheart View Post
I agree with you, Fleur du Mal. We hear often of pureblood families having difficulty having children, despite their wish to have large families, the older families had nothing like the prolific qualities of, say, the Weasleys. They have only one child, and given Draco's age and the fact they would have been undoubtedly trying meanwhile, they are unlikely to have more. Thus, their only son, the only son they will ever have, with all of their hopes and dreams combined? I cannot believe Narcissa Malfoy would have willingly let even a chance of her baby getting hurt.
They Weasleys are a an old wizarding family... Though I see your point. And the trent seemed to continue with the Epilogue. Potter 3, Weasley's 2, Malfoy's 1.

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