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Re: Bellatrix Lestrange: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Trixa View Post

Sorry Bellatrix! You are the only HP character that isn't supposed to fall in
Obsessive? Yes she's loyal to him. She cares what he thinks of her. DUH! Any woman would care what the man she loves thinks of her.
She tries to please him, but so do all the other DEs. So what exactly makes her obsessed?
And perverse? Why, yeah Voldy is ugly. So what? That only shows that she's not shallow and that she loves people for who they are.
Bellatrix needed retribution. She was evil, she had to go. She had to go not because she loved the "wrong" person but because she had hurt people.

Oh no. There is no redemption for childless women.

Bellatrix is obessed with his power. Is Vodemort was simply Tom Riddle she'd probably not be interested at all. She is drawn to the things he has accomplished and his controlling personality- after all, Bellatirx is a pretty independent woman, i'm sure the fact that someone would have the power to control her wild spirit would impress her. Instead of simply loving him she is obsessed with everything he says, does and it's almost as if everything he does is 'rightous'. I mean, you can love someone and disagree with their choices but Bellatrix doesn't seem to. The only time she seems to be able to argue the possibilty that Voldemort is wrong is when she thinks him in danger. She suspected Snape.
Bellatrix would kill for Voldemort. Her obsession stretches to the bounds that she'd slaughter her entire family simply to get him to say 'good Bella'. Had she given birth to a child she would have given him to the lord even if Death was certain for it. Most mothers couldn't even dream of that. She worships the very earth he walks on no doubt and she seems to be so passionate about her love for him that she can't even control herself.
She murders men, woman and children- just for him. That is pretty twisted on its own.
That is what I call obessesion.

Then again that is only my opinon.

And what has childless women got to do with it?

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