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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post
You think so? I never got that...hmmmm. That's why I added him looking at Ginny and talking to Hedwig about her. How does it make them think that in your opinion?
I'll just find the scene to figure out...

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post

The scene cuts to shot of Hogwarts covered in snow. Harry standing outside on the bridge with Hedwig and we see him looking at Ginny and Dean playing in the snow together.

Am I being pathetic Hedwig, I mean she’s my best friends sister. How do you think Ron would react?
(Hedwig hoots)
Yeah you’re right…I mean she’s like a little sister, but there seems to be something…more.
(Hedwig hoots and Luna walks up next to him.)

Hiya Harry!
I think I've figured it out...

"There seems to be something more..." (Luna skips dreamily into veiw)

Also think of the many times the bridge scene in GoF of Harry and Hermione has been bash because it can perceive a H/Hr relationship.

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post
Actually I wanted so bad to add like a little S.P.E.W. reference in my script...just as a nod to the book fans. After Harry sends Kreacher and Dobby off I was going to have Hermione get frustrated with it and say something about how she should start up a club to liberate house elves and name it S.P.E.W. and Ron and Harry would kinda look at her and they all would say "Nah that would never work."
I think you misinterpreted what I meant...
I just didn't like those elfs singing... They shoud be paid overtime for that!

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post
Yeah? Hermione's always saying that though...what do u suggest I do? Just have her leave or something?
It just ruined the line for me... I know it's Hermione at but - ....... Hermione ISN'T Hermione then! She's scheming!Hermione, so saying she's going to the library reverts her back to Normal!Hermione. I'd just have her leave (Perhaps glancing at Ron).

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post
Cool...and like I said no worries I don't see your comments as negative at all actually. Constructive criticism my wonders...Kloves needs someone to do that for him

And no problems I like this thread because you're really the only other person, besides myself, that has read this script and I'm SO happy to hear what someone else thinks.

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