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Re: The Prophet Debates

Commitment. Competence. Compassion.
Perhaps you have seen our motto already... but what can three words really say about us? I hope that in the next few weeks you'll all have a chance to question us thoroughly! And so we have come here today, my fellow candidate Neville Longbottom and I, to tell you all a bit more about ourselves and our aims than a simple slogan could convey.

Ten years ago, when I was on the run as an outlaw, searching for a means to defeat the dark forces, I would never have believed that one day I would be a candidate in a democratic election, for the Ministry. This is indeed a sign of how far the Ministry has come since the fall of Voldemort: a Ministry no longer guided by the whims of a few individuals with influence, but by the will of the people, to act for the good of the Wizarding World as a whole. I am proud to say that I have played some part in making those changes happen, and I stand for this post to continue on Minister Shacklebolt’s path. Much has been achieved, but much also remains to be done.

When we stood before the ruins of much that we hold dear, I hoped that we could rebuild what we had lost. – You see, for me the post of Minister isn’t about power. It’s about responsibility and service: hard work and commitment to ensure that this world continues to be a place that we can all enjoy. I want to see a Ministry which upholds the spirit of the law, rather than exploiting laws as a means of control and oppression. We all deserve a free and independent press, and freedom of expression for all citizens. We are in need of a ministry which makes the right decisions, not the easy ones. A Ministry that puts compassion above political goals. I don't know what challenges the Wizarding World will face in the future, but as a Minister I want to make sure that we are united and ready to face emergencies.

Later on, when it was time to rebuild our world, Kingsley Shacklebolt asked me to join the Ministry. That was exactly what I had been wanting to do for years. You see, when I was eleven I got a letter than changed my life: I came to Hogwarts and I learned things that I couldn’t even have imagined. I studied, observed, got involved, and just knew that all I’d ever want to do is to offer all my efforts and talents to make this world – our world – an even better place. You can imagine how glad I was that I could work with Minister Shacklebolt to rebuild and reform the Ministry – and I got the chance to work in two Ministry departments, Magical Creatures and Law Enforcement. It’s been hard work, but I know now that I can really make a difference, and I am ready to take on more responsibility. One thing you can be sure about: I’ll never make the mistake of taking the Wizarding World for granted: it is incredibly precious to me, and I am willing to give my all to preserve it and to make sure that we all, whatever our background, nature or talents, can live in it, free and equal, to fulfil our potential together as a happy society.

Finally, let me pass the word to Neville Longbottom. I am proud that he has agreed to share this campaign with me. I remember when we first had a disagreement…. I am sorry to say that Neville ended up at the wrong end of my Petrificus Totalus spell that time… but even then, all those years ago, there was no question that he would stand up to anyone, that he would be willing to face anything to defend what he believes to be right. No one who saw it will forget how Neville killed Voldemort’s snake, but what’s even more awesome is how he risked torture and death to resist the Death Eater regime at Hogwarts: he stood up for tolerance and justice when others senior in age and position would not dare to do so, and I know that with Neville at the helm the Ministry will have to stick to his high standards. In short – we are both ready to give the Wizarding World the best Ministry it has ever seen.

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